Rumblings are afoot that January’s storylines will, and I quote, “alter the course of Marvel history” with massive something on the horizon that will lead us into the new Marvel Age.  While part of me immediately responds with snark to people announcing that anything has massive historical intent, I’m intrigued to see what it is they have up their collective sleeves at the House Of Ideas.  If we posit that they’re doing something actually amazing, actually huge, actually historically-altering, we have to think big.  Bigger than changing family ties, bigger than alternate-universe Spideys, bigger even than Sam Wilson as Captain America.  What in the world could it be?

Well, that’d bring us to today’s query, now, wouldn’t it?

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) remembers that the last massive event that would change everything brought Angela into the Marvel Universe and…  not much else, actually, asking: What’s your best guess as to what Marvel’s history-altering massive game-changer might be?


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  1. Aligning the whole line with the cinematic universe. Because Marvel is especially short sighted when it comes to this sort of thing.

  2. If they wanted to make a really drastic and petty change, they would kill off all mutants and make any survivors inhumans. That way they could continue the trend of giving the finger to x-men movies.

  3. If they screw over the X-Men, im done with Marvel, since those are the only team books I care about. Couldnt care less about current Avengers, Inhumans or somesuch. Then there would be pretty much Ms Marvel left, nothing else.

  4. I think they’ll be introducing Darkwing Duck into the 616 universe to team-up with Howard the Duck while Gizmoduck gets an upgrade from Iron Man.

    Honestly, don’t have a clue and don’t really care as long as it is a good, fun story. Maybe I’ll finally get my wish and 616 Spidey will have his own version of Marveller/Leopardon. I honestly think they could find a legit way to bring it about in a way that fits the setting, as well as a solid reason why he cannot use it all the time.

  5. Marvel is going to stop making comics completely. From now on they are only going to make poorly written, spin off, young-adult novels based on the cinematic universe.

    My god have mercy on their souls.

  6. Doctor Dinosaur on

    It’ll be about getting closer to the cinematic universe.
    It’ll likely involve the Inhumans to a great extent.
    It will involve retroactive continuity and fiddling with the current set-up rather than a reboot.
    Also timeywimey.
    There may be a de-aging of the universe as a whole.
    Spider-Man may go back to high-school.
    If hope they blame it on Franklin Richards.

  7. They are going to quit doing Event Comics and hire Stan Lee to run the company again? No? Then I would think that the folks above who posit that they are going to melt down the Marvel Universe and bring it into line with the Movie Universe are on the right track. But consider this as well – maybe since Sony won’t relinquish the movie rights to Spiderman, Fantastic Four, X-men and Daredevil, Disney/Marvel are just going to excise those characters from the comics altogether and replace them with new versions with different names so that they can make their own movies based on the replacements. Wouldn’t that be a thumb in Sony’s eye? And whose to say that a character called The Uncanny Black Spider wouldn’t sell just as well as The Amazing Spider-Man? Or a team called The New Men might not do as well as The X-Men, or the Terrific Tetrad might not do as well as The Fantastic Four?

    • But Marvel already has characters called the New Men, so that would be something entirely different from X-Men. It is a book I’d buy, though, considering I like the New Men characters (they are humanoid animals created by the High Evolutionary).

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