And now, the waiting begins.  It is a provable fact that very little actual work gets done between December 20th and January 2nd, and so it may be a few days before we really get back to the important internet business of mocking new-style lightsabers and wondering whether Supergirl’s skirt is made of a breathable fabric.  There’s a whole world of nerdery out there, just a’waitin’ to impress and happify us all, which is totally a word and not something I just made up, even if it is mostly on hold until the New Year.  Will Constantine get a second season?  Can Sony and Marvel work out an MCU featuring Peter Parker?  Will I actually get to have lunch with Jawiin and Ashley while they’re in the neighborhood?  And what about Naomi?  These and more burning questions will be answered on the next SOAP drive today’s ruminatory (also not a made-up word) query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) still thinks that the light-saber should be spelled light-sabre, and now just awaits the eventual light-scimitar, asking: What burning pop-culture questions can you not wait to see answered in upcoming months?


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  1. My question is this: Will Torq return? Will Orem make it out of the Feywild to rejoin his friends? Will Ket be doomed for his failure? Will Trelle succeed in her mission to the southern continent? Will Randus accidentally turn the airship into skynet?

    I anticipate what happens next in Critical Hit more than I look forward to Avengers 2: Age of Boogaloo, and that’s substantial.

  2. Will Constantine be renewed, or at least moved to a cable network?

    Will The Doctor finally get rid of Clara? (I apologize to Clara fans, I’m just really burnt out on the character)

    Will Arrow/The Flash have Blue Devil go from a movie character to a full-on superhero similar to his comic incarnation? And WHEN THE HECK IS GRODD GOING TO FINALLY SHOW UP!?!?!?!

    How the heck will the Power Rangers movie tie in to the continuity of the series as was hinted that it would?

    Will Digimon Adventure 2015 finally bring back a feel of the old Digimon that has been missing since Digimon Tamers ended?

  3. Will Star Wars be good again?
    Will Warhammer Fantasy be downsized in the next rulebook?
    Will that new Blizzard game be just a rip off of Team Fortress?
    What does Marvel have in store for 2015? I want all of it.

    • I’m not even letting your first question cross my mind. If the “Clone Wars” cartoon could undo my hatred of the prequel era (although I still dislike the prequels themselves) and “Rebels” can prove Disney can make a decent Star Wars series, then I’m just going to sit back and hope for the best. If I’m disappointed, then I still have the original trilogy, Clone Wars and Rebels (and the comics and novels and action figures and games and so on).

  4. What’s in store for the Venture Bros.?

    Will Convergence be a colossal let down?

    Will seasons 2 of True Detective and Fargo live up to their first seasons?

  5. Doctor Dinosaur on

    ?Question that I want answered is this: Will True Detective season 2 answer too many questionS?


    How will Mutiversity end, will it feature The Question?

  6. Will Paramount ever put Star Trek back on television? Will the new director of the Star Trek movie know his own arse from a hole in the ground regarding Star Trek? Now that he’s finished The Hobbit, will Peter Jackson EVER film the remake of The Dam Busters? And how many people got the reference “and what about Naomi”?

    • While I also wish that Trek would return to TV, have you seen any of the online fan series? I’m particularly fond of Star Trek New Voyages (and apparently so are the people who make the new movies since the guy who plays Kirk in the series had a bit part in the first of the new Trek movies). My favorite episode is “World Enough and Time”, which includes George Takei and Grace Lee Whitney reprising their characters (and Takei also plays an alternate Sulu in addition to the “real” Sulu, which is a big part of the story of the episode).

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