For all the changes we’ve seen at Major Spoilers over the past nearly-a-decade, one thing never changes: Everything is better with Batman.  At least, our EIC/EP/Head Honcho Stephen will tell you so, and these days, I don’t argue with him on it.  The truth is, the two-fisted guardian of Gotham has become a totem of superherodom in his 75 years, and can even give “the rub” to other heroes with his hoarse-voiced omnipresence.  Batwoman, for instance, whose regular title ends next Spring in the late thirties, or Batwing, whose book lasted much much longer than I expected it to.  As a huge fan of ‘The Brave And The Bold’ in both its comic book and cartoon incarnation, I’m a big fan of the Bat team-up, which leads us to today’s dark night query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) never even minded Alicia Silverstone, to be honest, so much as I minded a lack of coherent narrative in that movie, asking: Who is the BEST (coolest/most amazing/your favorite) member of the Bat-family OTHER than Batman himself?


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  1. Does the Terry McGinnis Batman of Batman Beyond count as “Batman himself” since it isn’t the Bruce Wayne Batman? If not, then he’s my top choice.

    Otherwise, I choose Bat-Mite because I like amusing characters in otherwise semi-serious settings (like Green Lantern’s G’nort). I particularly enjoyed the Bat-Mite of Batman: The Brave and the Bold voiced by Paul Reubens.

  2. My favorite has got to be Dick Grayson Particularly as nightwing he’s not as dark as Bats and I like how acrobatic he is especially with a good artist. I really enjoy his costume with the black and the blue.

  3. Blue and black costume Nightwing. One of the rare occasions when sidekick has risen from the shadow of the mentor and becomes a character on their own, enduring test of time.

  4. I love me some pre New 52 Tim Drake. I loved his run as Red Robin. I thought it was interesting how impressed Ra’s was with him and the direction that indicated for his future.

  5. From the TV and motion picture world, I’d pick Yvonne Craig as Batgirl – hubba hubba!!! From the comics, I’d pick Jim Gordon. He evolved from a complete doofus in the Bill Finger era into a serious if flawed crime fighter in the 70s who probably knew all along who Batman was. After all, if Ra’s al Ghul could figure out who Batman was by figuring out what sort of equipment he’d need and back track certain clandestine purchases by Wayne Enterprises, so could Jim Gordon. He tolerated and sometimes supported Batman’s activities because Bats could take down villains whom the police and courts either couldn’t or wouldn’t touch. My favorite episode of Batman the Animate Series was the one where, after Batman fails to prevent Batgirl’s death, Jim Gordon pulls out all the stops and takes out the entire Bat family and Batman organization, out detecting and out smarting Batman at every turn. Sadly, it turned out to be a Fear Toxin induced dream, but still, the best Jim Gordon moment of all time. If I had to pick somebody from the immediate Bat Circle, then I’d pick Alfred. He not only raised the orphaned Bruce Wayne, but Dick, Tim and all the other Bat Brats, as well as backstopping for Bats, even going so far as to don the costume and drive the Batmobile around a time or two.

  6. May I consider Alfred part of the Bat-family? If yes, then I love me some Alfred moments! He brings light and relieve the always grieving Batman. His sarcastic nature and witty confidence in the face of Bruce is very entertaining! If he doesn’t count, then I am a Dick Grayson fan, as well!

  7. Doctor Dinosaur on

    Well Damian certainly delivered a breath of fresh air, hours of hilarity and a new take on the dynamic duo along with Dick-Bats.
    But then there’s Oracle, Dick himself, Alfred.. Jim Gordon?

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