Marvel has fired back at DC Comics success following the redesign of Batgirl’s costume a few months ago.  Marvel’s weapon of choice? A new Spider-Woman costume that will debut in 2015.

Marvel editor Nick Lowe said he, “wanted a costume that walked the line between superhero-ready and something a woman would wear in the real world. But for the most part they’re clothes to kick ass in.”

It’s a great way to approach costumes going forward as comic publishers need to make sure costumes are “screen ready.”  It also sounds very similar to a statement made by Cameron Stewart regarding Batgirl’s costume change:

“Barbara is forced to make a new costume for herself when her old one becomes unavailable. The new one is something she’s able to make herself, shopping at the various boutique and vintage stores in Burnside. It also reflects her youth and style.”



Here is the new look that we will see in Spider-Woman #5 that arrives in March of 2015.



A new story arc kicking off in Spider-Woman No. 5 and illustrated by Javier Rodriguez will find Jessica Drew focusing on helping folks in New York City in a more street-level way rather than dealing with the planet-threatening likes of, say, the Red Skull. Hopeless feels it goes back to her roots in the ’70s when Spider-Woman started out simply wanting to solve one problem at a time and had a stint as a private detective. – USA Today

Honestly, it is a cool costume change for the character who has been running around in Spandex for the last 37 years, and in light of the Milo Manara controversy, it seems like the easiest way to wipe the slate clean so to speak.

spiderwomanmanara spider-woman-get-a-new-costume-design-after-37-years3

In order to compete with the company that is always in its shadow, Marvel has ensured Spider-Woman #5 will be talked about for months to come, and be in the top ten comics sold in March.

There are two big questions that come from this reveal; Is the costume change a good one? How long before we see someone cosplaying as the new Spider-Woman?  Use the comment section below Spoilerites!

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  1. I could probably slap that costume together fairly quickly. I’ve got a few costume parts that already resemble some parts (like the jacket and belt) that would need just minimal alterations.

  2. Its not a bad costume, but Im never a fan of these creatively bankrupt blatant copies. When something is successful and good, it gets aped until everyone gets bored. Is that really all these big entertainment companies can do, copy each other? I can totally see that low hanging belt becoming a trope in female hero costumes in the future. Like spiky hair combined with hundreds of belts and zippers in anime designs.

  3. I don’t mind the redesign, but I am a little annoyed with them drastically changing her physique. It’s an opinion I’m conflicted by, because the way she looked before, while curvy, was very sexualized. Her new body shape, however, looks like the body of a sixteen year old girl, and she is supposed to be a WOMAN.

    Can there be some kind of middle ground? Something a little more average? Maybe a more gradual body type change? I dunno, I need to let these thoughts stir a little.

  4. Look I do not think it’s an answer to Batgirl, because Marvel has done this with Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, Spider-Gwen, Moon Knight and Captain Marvel, she was not the first nor the last to have your reset usual, this is all about popularity that the character has.

  5. As costumes go, it is nice enough. There is no doubt that it will look better in live action than the traditional (not quite original) one did.

  6. Although I will note that this costume, unlike the previous one, does not at all look like something that could be hidden beneath regular clothing, changed into at a moment’s notice, or hidden conveniently under a mattress or something for covert use.

    Whether those are serious considerations as I once used to think is something else entirely.

  7. Okay seriously, this Manara controversy is stoopid. What about Land? As for this costume, I like it but it more than her older one but it doesn’t scream “spider”.

  8. New costume needs to be tweaked or redone, don’t care for it. The glasses are a Hawkeye ripoff, and the costume to me can’t seem to make up its mind which decade it belongs to. Is this a costume for an adult or teenager? Why does she need the webbing under the arms, did they take away her flying again?

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