I say it all the time: “{Cool thing} happened?  Is it my birthday?”  Once a year or so, it’s actually true, not mentioning any specific dates (*coughDecemberSeventeenthcough*), but certain things always make me feel like the guest of honor: A new issue of Madman, date night with Mrs. Cobra, finding a back-issue that I’ve been searching out forever.  Recently, all three of those have happened in quick succession, as well as getting a tank of gas for under $2.00 per gallon.  To be honest, my inner cynic is still waiting for the other shoe to drop, but at least it leads us to today’s frosting-coated query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) loves some Allred, but also Steve Rude, the movies of Sofia Coppola and, yes, Ashley Williams appearing on television, asking: Which of your favorite creators’ work most makes you most feel like it’s your birthday?


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  1. Doctor Dinosaur on

    I am still riding high on (favourite creator) Grant Morrison’s “Multiversity: Pax Americana”. Best single issue I’ve read in yeeears. And as a matter of fact it did come out the week of my birthday, so there ya go!

  2. I don;t really have a favorite creator in comics right now, but I do enjoy discovering works by Mike Wieringo that I’d never seen before, be it actual comic work, sketches or things he did for fans and so on. I was also extremely excited to learn that Nicholas Brendon, the actor who played Xander on “Buffy”, joined the creative crew of the Buffy continuation comics.

    In non-comics, there are several actors I enjoy seeing reappear, particularly those involved with Super Sentai, Kamen Rider and such. It is awesome when they return as their previous character (such as Big One reappearing in several VS movies as well as Gokaiger), but I also get excited when they simply return to the franchise in another role (such as the actor who portrayed MagiYellow in “Magiranger” became Beet Buster in “Go-Busters”).

    And Bruce Campbell. He’s Bruce Campbell, everything he does is awesome. Even when it isn’t awesome, it is still awesome because he’s involved.

  3. Im not sure if I have absolute favorite comic creator, but I’ll pick up anything Mike Mignola does with Hellboy, so guress I’ll say that.
    In games, any and all Kojima Productions Metal Gear stuff.

  4. Writer/artist Brian Talbot he’s such an amazingly talented creator that every time he puts out something new it feels likea very special day.

  5. But it is my birthday today, seriously. Probably any part of Cullen Bunn’s Deadpool vs. Carnage, I don’t know which part in particular. The entire thing was so stupid and pointlessly gory that I was smiling the entire way through.

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