We talked about it briefly on a previous issue of the Major Spoilers Podcast – you know, when the site was down – but I’m really interested in finding out what the World Wide Major Spoilers Fan Base thinks of casting rumors surrounding the upcoming Suicide Squad movie.  Though we don’t report rumor as fact, I find it fascinating that Oprah Winfrey is being sought after as the big screen’s (second) Amanda Waller.


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  1. Oprah’s reached a point where she can’t really play anyone but herself, and I get the impression that she doesn’t want to play anyone but herself in different clothes. Also, if she’s in it, my mother’s psychotic hatred of her (I think she’s gotten really stuck on herself, but I don’t ~hate~ her) will keep the entire family from ever seeing the Suicide Squad movie.

  2. Oprah has played some serious roles and can bring some true gravitas to her performances.
    Would a role like The Wall bring out her full abilities? I’d be interested to find out.

  3. While I do think Oprah COULD pull off the character, I’d much prefer someone else in the role.

    Although I am having fun imagining an Oprah-eaque Waller trying to entice the squad. “YOU get a pardon, YOU get a pardon, EVERYBODY GETS A PARDON!”

  4. I prefer giving an unknown actress the opportunity to develop a role (CHEAPER!!), than giving the role to “named” talent.

  5. Doctor Dinosaur on

    I feel as though she would overshadow the character.


    To be very frank, prominent roles for black women in that age group aren’t exactly plentiful, and there are lots of other great actors out there who would do a fantastic job as Amanda Waller. I’d rather have any one of them get the spotlight, money, exposure and acting opportunity than to just go with stunt-casting of this magnitude.

  6. I got all that out of my system when they cast Whoopie Goldberg as Guynan. I dismissed it as stunt casting to bolster flagging ratings, and it turned out she was so good in the role I regretted she wasn’t in very many episodes. And I didn’t mind when Morgan Freeman was cast as Lucius Fox because he is such a great actor. So sometimes, stunt casting works. Have you seen Diana Riggs in Game of Thrones? She is so old and wizzened that I almost didn’t recognize her, and comparing her today to her catsuited Emma Peel is almost enough to make me weep bitter tears – but, damn, can that woman ACT! It would be interesting to see what Oprah can bring to the role, and maybe if they spend enough money on the cast, they’ll actually bother to get a good script and we’ll get something along the line of the Nolan Batman movies or Man of Steel rather than another Green Lantern.

  7. Hollywood casting blows big time. They still can’t recognize Jason Mamoa should be LOBO not Aquaman.
    How about Octavia Spencer?

  8. What, not #OprahIndiffrent!option?

    Honestly, I kinda don’t care either way. If it works, it works. If not… then it’s just another DC movie. I’ll probably stick to the TV shows and animated stuff anyways – at least /they/ know what they’re doing.

    • Blasted lack of edit button. First line should read:

      What, no #OprahIndifferent! option?

      Stupid not noticing until after hitting post button…

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