Jimmy Palmiotti is part of The Con Job


BOOM! Studios teased us with an announcement that Jimmy Palmiotti would bring a project to the company, and it turns out it is The Con Job.

Jimmy Palmiotti and Matt Brady are bringing us a heist tale in 2015.

Ever been to comic book convention and seen a media guest you never heard of or someone you felt sorry for? Those are the stars of The Con Job, a heist story where a former action hero, sex symbol, character actor, and others are offered a chance of comfortable retirement by a cocky new booking agent if they work together to rob the largest convention in the country! Great characters and a familiar surrounding combine for this new, larger-than-life series set to debut in March.


This sounds like a really interesting story. There have been a number of stories that come out of the convention circuit of things that have been stolen at shows, so it I’m curious to see if the team is trying to lift the box office take or something bigger.

via BOOM! Studios