Working the day after Thanksgiving left me super-bored (but with internet access) leading to a number of random image searches.  The most fruitful was a search for “superheroes with capes” which led to an amusing series of posts on my Twitter feed about whose cape reigns supreme.  (The answer will surprise you!)  During that discussion, Otter Disaster pointed out that, at Marvel Comics, the capes are usually the purview of the bad guys (think Doctor Doom, Mysterio, The Mandarin, and Magneto).  One of the only things that the extremely genre-savvy Edna Mode ever said that I don’t agree with was her stance on capes, regardless of Syndrome’s karmic justice, leading us to today’s query that flaps in the night…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has always thought that the cape is one of the iconic parts of superhero-dom, and every team can use a cape-guy, asking: Cape or No Cape?


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  1. Depends on the hero. Batman NEEDS a cape. Superman NEEDS a cape. On the other hand, Green Lantern, The Flash and SpiderMan would be absolutely dorky with capes! And yes, I know, the Golden Age Green Lantern wore a cape – which just proves my point. Doctor Strange – Cape. Wonder Woman – Capeless. Batgirl – Cape. Aquaman – Capeless. On the other hand, there’s Captain Marvel (whose name is NOT Shazam) – he needs a real cape and not that dishtowel he’s been sporting for the last sixty years…

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