Ready to watch football on Thanksgiving? I’m betting after you watch the teaser trailer for Jurassic World you will be.

After watching this teaser I’m hoping that the studio treated this like a trailer for the trailer and to do that stuck to the script for how all trailers look now. Hopefully when the full trailer comes to us on Thursday it won’t be filled with quick fades to black over melodramatic music, but instead try to fill us with wonder like the first Jurassic Park movie did.

Watch the trailer for the original below:

After watching that I have lost hope that Jurassic World’s trailer will be anything like that. Simply look at the color tones in the teaser trailer compared to Jurassic Park’s full trailer and you can tell the new will be darker in mood.

If you don’t want to watch the football game on Thanksgiving, you bet that Major Spoilers will have the trailer up for as soon as we wake up and button our pants after the big meal.


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