An epic adventure with Romans, chariots, and sea battles. Zach examines Ben-Hur in this installment of Zach on Film.

BEN-HUR (1959)

When a Jewish prince is betrayed and sent into slavery by a Roman friend, he regains his freedom and comes back for revenge.

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  1. One of the things I find interesting in this series is the loss of shared experience that seems to have happened from us Gen Xers (really the last analog generation) to the younger generations. Matthew and Stephen spoke about sitting in front of the tv and watching certain shows, certain movies at certain times of year. And because of our lack of choice that pretty much happened for everything. So when Zach mentions he hasn’t seen this movie or that show I think “really? Everyone’s seen that at least 30 times.” Then I feel old and think, “oh he probably grew up with more than three or four stations on his 12″ tv tricked out with rabbit ears.”

    With that loss of shared experience, I wonder if all the choice we have is really returning us to the days of smaller, isolated communities that stay within the niches of interest for each person.

    I was raised Catholic, complete with CCD and I never had to shout crucify him for the stations of the cross. Which also makes me wonder if being raised Catholic varies by state (I grew up in NYS)/region.

  2. I’ve been a listener and website visitor of Major Spoilers for years, and will continue to do so for years to come. I love all of your podcasts and everything you guys do. That being said, the discussion of religion when it came to this film was very difficult for me to listen to. As an orthodox evangelical Christian pastor I was put off by the conversation greatly. The reason is NOT because the point made were wrong. I REALLY dislike most, if not all, “Christian” movies and I agree with your points about them being preachy, unrealistic, and unwilling to deal with real problems aside from “believe in Jesus and all your problems go away.” My main issue with the podcast’s discussion is that it felt, after awhile, that it was piling on. When you have 4 people on the podcast who all agree and then you talk for SO LONG about religious matters, it gets to the point where you start to pick on people who are religious. Why in the world are you guys talking about Kirk Cameron after 25 minutes of talking about why Jesus was even in Ben Hur? If you had a dissenting opinion, maybe the points can be countered and discussion can be vigorous. But when you spend so long talking about religion or politics and there are NO dissenting opinions, it becomes SO hard to listen to if you are the one who is being talked about on the podcast. I am a conservative Christian, I agree with Kirk Cameron on pretty much every theological level because he is within orthodoxy. But on your podcast you guys called him crazy. Yes, his movies suck, but to call him crazy is to call people like me crazy because I actually believe what the Bible says. I love you all, just be aware in the future when talking about sensitive topics that you have 4 people on the podcast that all hold identical perspectives on said sensitive topics and you have many listeners that disagree with you. To solve the problem, although I know you would never take me up on this, I would volunteer to make comments or to contribute to the discussion on the podcast. I have a Yeti Blue Mic with filter and everything, I’m a preacher so I would like to say that I’m articulate, and I would be more than happy to make a recording and send it in for your consideration whenever you want it. Stephen, Matthew, Rodrigo, and Zach, you all are awesome and Happy Thanksgiving.

    • I can understand your frustration…

      Maybe you missed the point when Kirk Cameron was brought up? Though there may have been a comment about him “being crazy” or that his movies suck (which they do on the story, cinematography, etc.), the point of bringing him and Tyler Perry up in the conversation was how those two individuals go about making their money and continue to grow their brand when they are technically outside the mainstream. That was all – not to pick on people who are religious.

      We love you, too Jake, but keep in mind that the four of us have VERY different opinions when it comes to religion, with Zach being the most religious, followed by Matthew, Rodrigo and myself.

      Thanks for your comments.

      • Thanks for your reply Stephen and yes I know the context of bringing up Kirk Cameron, but my issue is when you guys call him crazy because you have many listeners who agree theologically with him. Just be aware when you cover hot topics like religion and politics that there are many spoilerites who disagree and I would hate for anyone to get upset and stop supporting the work because they feel picked on dye to there being no-one on the podcast to defend them. Happy thanksgiving mate!

    • Jake, thank you for coming to comment about your thoughts and not just keeping them to yourself. I’m truly sorry you were put off by what was said on the show. I know that we never set out to offend our fans (or anyone in general) when we sit down to record a show, but that has obviously happened here and it has been eating at me all day.

      After this episode was recorded Stephen, Rodrigo and I ended up talking for quite awhile about differing aspects of religion and theology and it certainly would have shed light on what Stephen mentioned previously about the different opinions on religions between us. Unfortunately we don’t record every conversation we have, but it was a nice little chat.

      Thanks for being a being a great Spoilerite!

      • Thanks for your reply Zach. Just know that sensitive topics are always acceptable to discuss, but you just need to be aware that your listeners may disagree and that it might be best to make the point and then move on. Invite people to contribute to the discussion here on the site and move forward. It’s just tough to have a real conversation about religion or politics when you have 4 people who basically all agree with each other. It’s like listening to Fox news or msnbc where you have people just circle jerking to use the reddit expression. You are awesome Zach, have a happy thanksgiving

        • For my part, I also apologize for any offense. Any opinions I may have on Kirk Cameron are certainly not my views on religion as a whole or any religion in specific. As a general rule, I prefer to avoid discussions of religion as much as possible, and a close listen to this episode might allow listeners to hear both my discomfort with problematic themes of Ben Hur and talking in a public setting about the problematic themes of Ben Hur…

          Either way, add me to the list of apologies, and thank you for listening and for giving us honest feedback.

          • I certainly wasn’t expecting like a public apology from three out of the four of you guys (Rodrigo c’mon man). I certainly don’t think you guys were so far over the line to really necessitate that at all. The only thing I truly care about is fair, balanced, insightful commentary that is mindful of the fact that there are spoilerites of every stripe, creed, and ideology. You guys ALL do that 99.99999999% of the time and this was probably the closest you have come to really going over the line FOR ME. The very last thing I would EVER want Major Spoilers to do is to tiptoe around sensitive subjects. Talk about the religious implications of Jesus being involved in the movie Ben Hur, just be aware that there are in fact many very religious people listening, even though none of the 4 of you would probably self-identify as an adherent to any particular faith tradition. Same goes with politics, I know because I’ve listened for years, that all four of you are on the liberal side of the coin. That is fine, just please don’t spend 30 minutes of the MSP calling conservatives a bunch of redneck idiot yokels. Matthew, thank you for the many years of laughter and education in the realm of comics and pop culture, you are a very important person in the “I want to be entertained” portions of my life. Happy Thanksgiving and here’s to you not getting RKO’ed outta nowhere BROTHER.

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