As we near the 51st anniversary of Doctor Who, I’m struck by how much the first year of Peter Capaldi’s run reminds me of the first year of Colin Baker’s tenure. Despite some wild ideas and interesting notions, it’s been an uneven season, one about which even the hardcore fans are mixed, and The Doctor himself has been more interesting than much of the material given him. Much like Baker was, Capaldi’s Twelve is following up a massive anniversary event, a tough act to follow, which makes me think that he can take another page from Six’s act: A multiple Doctor story in the vein of 1985’s ‘The Two Doctors’, which leads us to today’s temporally anomalous query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) reminds Faithful Spoilerites that we don’t deal in reality here, so don’t let things like aging or death stop you from your dream team, asking: Which former Doctor would you most like to see return in a Multi-Doctor story with Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor?


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  1. Paul McGann AND David Tennant, but only one actually as “The Doctor”. McGann’s 8th Doctor AND Tennant as the Meta-Crisis Doctor clone.

    And Jenny, the Doctor’s clone daughter.

    Two are basically clones, so there would be less chance of some paradox problem popping up with only one actual extra Doctor around. And McGann’s Doctor had some adventures with his past selves in the other media (Heck, one book is titled “The Eight Doctors” and he meets all his past selves), so it seems reasonable that he might eventually have an adventure with his future self.

  2. After seeing Sean Pertwee’s selfie of him dressed as his dad’s incarnation of the Doctor, I would LOVE to see him on as the Third Doctor. That, or David Bradley as the First Doctor, as he was in Adventures in Time and Space. Between those two, who plays “Bad Cop”?

  3. Six and Seven, because Capaldi seems to have a similar bravado to Six and borderline evil of Seven. Also just so we can get all living Doctor involved some how. Also the age difference won’t seem so bad with Capaldi as it would have with say Smith or Tennant.

  4. I think a contrast would bring more to the table for fans and actors alike. So assuming Troughton was still with us, I’d go with his quicksilver performance against Capaldi’s spiky persona in the role.

    That being said sine McGann of all the classic Doctors more or less looks as he did back in the day, I’d have him back in a heartbeat. He’s done sterling work on the Big Finish audios (you’ve not listened to them? For shame!) and has developed a real character out of them.

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