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EXPOSURE, the sexy series about female investigators of the supernatural, began 15 years ago at a well-received mini-series at Image Comics, written by veteran comics writer David Campiti and illustrated by good girl artist Al Rio, who was flying high as a top Image artist at the time.  More recently, it returned as a serialized webcomic on, and a Kickstarted EXPOSURE Volume 1 collection of all of Al Rio’s stories appeared this year in comics shops.

Now, EXPOSURE Volume 2 — Blind Faith is being KIckstartered at

“What on the surface seems to be ‘X-Files-type stories with babes’ is actually something more involved, despite the sexy art,” explains series co-creator David Campiti.   “Volume 1 introduced us to Lisa Shannon and Shawna Diaz, childhood friends who reunite as adult professionals. Shawna, a Cop…and Lisa, a Doctor with a sensitivity to the supernatural. The stories dealt with the first vampires being the Roman Centurion guards who put Christ to death…a ghost’s love from beyond the grave…the existence of angels….the nature of souls…and the afterlife. Pretty weighty stuff for a comic book that at first glance is just pretty art.”

Before Al Rio passed away, he hand-picked artist Jinky Coronado to draw new EXPOSURE adventures, which continued for the past couple of years serialized on Keenspot. 

“Not long after I started, Al died,”  recalls Jinky.  “I had pretty big shoes to fill. I did my best to keep the look and the essence of the series the same, but bring it up to 2015 contemporary with fashions and electronics. The first volume had huge portable phones, CRT displays, and 1999-era fashions!  The art is pretty sexy — but in a very fun, clever manner. Tease, not sleaze.”

EXPOSURE Volume 2 — “Blind Faith”  joins Lisa, Shawna, Graham Burrows, and Alan Wong not long after the last story in Volume 1. They uncover a crucifix dating back some two thousand years, its blood holding the very essence of magic. The supernatural stories take some odd, unexpected turns, including a flashback to an alternate timeline, a big religious thriller, and even a story about zombies called “Night of the Living Dad!” that deals with the never-ending efforts and responsibilities a father puts himself through, at any cost. They wrap it with a story that’s a real throwback kids-adventure type tale.

EXPOSURE Volume 2 is a 192-page full-color graphic novel in hardcover and in softcover, two and a half years of very hard work for Jinky Coronado, David Campiti, and co-writer Bill Yu  — as well as for co-artist Larry Tuazon, letterer Zach Matheny, and colorist Katrina MaeHao. 

exposureTPB2cover exp_p1 exp_p2 exp_p3

Although the KIckstarter hit its early goal, their true goal, of course, is to reach $30,000.00 or more.  Not only would this allow us to get Volume 2 printed and published, it also means they could draw and write a Volume 3.

The Kickstarter offers a wide range of incentives — custom sexy commissions and sketches from Jinky, EXPOSURE interior art pages, rare collectible EXPOSURE watches and mousepads, and autographed editions of the trades, hardcovers, and Image-era comics — and more.

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Press Release

Press Release

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