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  1. I had to go with Darkseid. I prefer Apocalypse better as a character, but from my understanding, Darkseid seems more powerful.

  2. As much as I like Apocalypse, this one feels like no real contest. I seriously doubt that ancient mutant with vaguely defined powers will last long against Darkseid.

  3. Darkseid is the ruler of Apocalypse, duh. (i know it’s a different spelling, Matthew, shush)

    Seriously, Apocalypse is a chump.

  4. Darkseid, of course. He’s a New God, so powerful that even Superman and the Justice League combined can’t take him out permanently. Apocalypse is just an ancient Egyptian mutant. Darkseid would either subvert him to his cause with barely any effort, or simply reach out and crush him, no even bothering with his Omega beams. Now a Darkseid vs. Thanos would be a match up I’d like to see, but I think you already did that one a couple years ago…

  5. I have 0 marvel/dc cred anyways, so I’m going with Apocalupse because he actually looks designed instead of a rock face on a metal bullet.

  6. bill the seeker on

    Well Darkside has the sith who are pretty impressive but alpaca-lips has the mutants. Godzilla is a mutant in the marvel universe (ask the Defenders, SHIELD Doesn’t like to talk about it) and with his rocket proof skin and halitosis that could melt a spacecraft the sith don’t stand a chance.

    So I went with Alpaca-lips.

  7. Doctor Dinosaur on

    Kirby’s God Of Evil and Fascism VS .. an evil fascist…

    Wasn’t Apocalypse a Celestial experiment? This is like pitting a lab rat against a researcher with a scalpel.
    The New Gods and Celestials do have quite a bit of “crackle” in common.

    The ancient mutant should probably have been paired against Black Adam or something.

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