ABC aired a new extended look at the upcoming mini-series Agent Carter last night and they have been most kind to place it online for all of us that didn’t see it.

Is it new information that Tony’s Jarvis is named after his father’s butler? Jarvis has been a butler before for Tony in a few runs over at Marvel, but I have never heard of his father having a butler of the same name also. Take to the comments and share your information with us all!

Due to a combination of not requiring me to sit through 15+ hours of content to get the full story, bringing back characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and putting a female as a lead I’m quite excited to watch the premiere of Agent Carter in January 2015.

via Marvel


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  1. I do like that it looks as though she’s going to be a little bit of a “bad ass.” I hope it’s not going to come down to she’s a bad ass, but when something -really- bad happens, the guys have to come in and save her.

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