The director of District 9 and Elysium is back with his third movie which revolves around a robot gaining artificial intelligence and the positive and negative reactions from the humans surrounding it.


I know that didn’t sound like the most exciting copy to get you to watch a trailer, but that is what Chappie is about and I’m totally fine with that. The human reaction to a “thing” gaining the intelligence and self-awareness is one that will certainly be explored for the next few years until that fantasy becomes a reality.

What is interesting to me is that just last week we watched the trailer for Ex Machina, another film revolving around artificial intelligence. The topic is certainly one that is coming back into popularity and I’m sure we will see a couple more films structured around that premise announced in the next year.

Blomkamp’s second outing as a director with Elysium was certainly not as well praised as District 9, but the sophomore slump is an idea that is tossed around in the music industry. Maybe Blomkamp caught a case of those with that film. However, the filmmaker seems to have scaled down his world building for Chappie, which looks like it could be a much smaller film that tells a more personal story about the connection of the titular robot and his creator.

Chappie‘s trailer has certainly caught my attention and is a piece that I would love to see and read more about in the coming months before it is released March 6th, 2015.

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