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  1. Well, most interested would be Captain Marvel because I have more faith in the Marvel / Whedonverse script writers and none, zero, nada in the DC Comics / WBverse script writers.

    • This is one of my main reasons for voting Captain Marvel. I find her story more interesting as well, but the main reason is that I just don’t trust Warner Brothers and DC to do Wonder Woman well.

      • I agree with you both, Cptn. MArvel is a far more interesting project. Don’t trust WB to deliver good stories and I’m not really interested in Wonder Woman as a character and I don’t know why.

  2. Doctor Dinosaur on

    I trust the Marvel writers, but despite their high standard of quality, they have failed in the past (Norton Hulk, the first Cap movie post USO, the in retrospect rather mediocre Thor movies, Iron Man II). So while Captain Marvel probably will be great it could also land on the bland or disastrous side.

    WB despite their lackluster (A nicer way to describe it) opening movie have one thing going for them..There is no way they’ll make a bland Wonder Woman movie, it’ll either be fantastic or an unmitigated, glorious disaster. No matter what! The Wonder Woman film with all it’s baggage, politics and (Greek, comic book and modern cultural) mythology will be very, very interesting as either success or in fact failure.

    Wonder Woman the movie cannot be bland, put simply; there will be either blood or glory. Hercules in New York or Gladiator.

    In this context Captain Marvel is a chocolate bar, appealing but safe and possibly forgotten as soon as it’s devoured.

    Wonder Woman THE CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE however is a native American shamanistic experience we’ve all been fantasizing about for decades. No matter what the result, dreamgasm or bad trip, it’ll be something we’ll remember and talk about for a long, loooong time.

    Snickers or Dream Quest of unknown Kadath?
    No contest, Wonder Woman.

  3. Captain Marvel has the more interesting story to me, especially if they get into her daddy issues and alcoholism even a little bit. Wonder Woman on the big screen isn’t going to be any different to me than the Percy Jackson films. I have more faith in Marvel Studios than I do in the guys in charge of the DC movies, so long as Snyder, Nolan and Goyer are involved in any capcity I have little to no interest until I see some trailers and early reviews, even then I’m still going to be somewhat skeptical due to Man of Steel and Dark Knight Rises.

  4. I feel like I know what I’m going to get with Captain Marvel, a quality product but not necessarily anything really new, whereas Wonder Woman could be something really special.

  5. I went with Captain Marvel because I trust Marvel more than DC right now. I also don’t think DC would make the mythological take on Wonder Woman I would want to see.

  6. Captain Marvel, easily.

    I actually do like Wonder Woman as a character more, but I have zero faith in Warner Bros. or DC in delivering a good movie. They’ve already slipped she’s going to be primarily based on the New 52 version–which I can’t stand–and now there are rumors the WW movies will take place in the 20’s and 30’s.
    Yeah…no. Pass.

    Far more trust in Marvel.

  7. René Christiansen (@Rugholm86) on

    Captain Marvel, Both because I love the MCU and because I never really like Wonder Woman. Also I really like the comics I have read with Captain Marvel and have ever since been looking forward to Marvel doing something with her on the big screen.

  8. Rui Almeida aka Ariamus on

    DC’s been largely bad at making super-hero movies not involving Batman. So, even though Wonder Woman interests me more as a character, I’m anticipating the Captain Marvel movie more…

  9. I voted for Wonder Woman. What with the way DC botches every other Super Hero movie franchise they try, it doesn’t bode well, but I don’t care about the female Captain Marvel. The Captain Marvel whose comics I read were Bill Batson and Jim Starlin’s Captain Marvel at Marvel Comics.

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