Need a last-ditch unique costume for your Halloween party tonight? Well then you better check our this infographic telling you which costume is the most popular in each state.


Based on the analyzing done by SumoCoupon, Black Widow is the most popular costume in all of the United States, yet she still doesn’t have a solo movie in the works. To be honest though, I’m surprised every state isn’t dominated by Frozen characters. I mean drinking games have been invented for the amount of Elsas and Annas supposedly making their way to houses tonight.

Also, hey Washington, why do you have to be weird and want to go as spider-dogs? Do you want to scare the children? Because that’s how you scare children.

What will you be dressing up as this Halloween season? Tell us in the comments below or send a picture on Twitter!

via SumoCoupon



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  1. Batman here in michigan is the most popular based on trick or treaters. I’m a very cheep bouncing boy. A legion ring, a bottle of pop, and a perfect physique for the part.

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