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Titanium Comics announced today a reboot for their product line. Titanium Comics is a division of Titanium Publishing and the initial launches of four new titles went so well that the comics division is now set to stand on it’s own two feet.  Second issues of each of the four titles are expected out later this year.   All books are currently published in house and are available in digital and print formats. Distribution is currently pending.

All books can be ordered via New website will be up and running January 2015.

Project Manager  Dion Wilson explains, “ We never expected as many folks would like what we were doing. We were overwhelmed. One of our most important hires was Colette Arreguin to oversee the day to day operations so creators can do what they do best, create!”

Age of Darkness #2 (Horror) – Coming December 5 2014
Writers: J. Dominguez  and Don McLiam
Artists: Marco Turini and Juan Gedeon
Description: A message leads The Team to an outpost they find in a strange and abandoned condition. There, they play witness to a group of human survivors being tortured and used for sport by none other than some RadioHeads.  To make matters worse, The Team is put into a compromising position of having to make the hard choice to either rescue the main group of survivors or the person they need to connect with from the message.

arcane2The Arcane #2:Homecoming (Supernatural Adventure)- Coming December 12, 2014
Written by Cero
Penciled and Inked by Paolo D’ Antonio.
Description: Phelan and the Books are now in the hands of the Demon Riders. Quinn is devastated. The Brothers realize they must get the boy back-not only out of love, but because his powers are growing daily and Lucifer’s minions will turn him into a servant of darkness.  The Arcane Brothers have now got a fight on their hands they never wanted, but definitely aren’t prepared for.

Death Raye Redux (Action)- Coming December 17, 2014
Writer Massimo “Captain Max”Rosi
Artist: TBA
Description: See the beginning again!
Death Raye and her allies have finally broken through the impenetrable City of Thora. General Dagon’s forces are frantic to keep their advantage and put an end to the rogue uprising.  A flashback in our story shows where it all began for our world’s last best hope.

fraternity2The Fraternity #2(Action)- Coming December 19, 2014
Writer: James Coggins and Don Mcliam
Artist: AnnaMaria Bryant
Description: In an effort to find out who’s responsible for killing his mentor and setting him up, Youngren enlists the help of a young woman he saves fron the notorious group of thieves and dangerous criminals known as the Black Rose Gang. Could this damsel be the missing link in this intricate puzzle? The Fraternal Guards are in pursuit. The clock is ticking down on Youngren as some of our story’s conspirator are revealed in this issue.

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