I admit it: If I had the time and the cash, I would cosplay as The Sixth Doctor and go all Colin Baker, in-character, all over anyone who dared to irritate me.  Unfortunately, the ten different bits of wool for that legendary Technicolor frock coat aren’t cheap or easy to assemble in a regular size, much less a 64-long.  The same goes for a decent Dragonshield and helmet to play DragonRanger/Green Ranger or the armor and prosthetic horns to play (*sniff*) Critical Hit’s Torq.  Still, it’s a matter of money and time for me, rather than one of ego, as I firmly believe that you can and should cosplay whatever the hell you want.  African-American Sailor Moon?  Go!  Female Hellblazer?  Cheers, mate!  Nine-Year Old Incredible Hulk?  Smash away.  Indeed, if it weren’t for the work and expense involved, I’m sure many of us would go nuts on Halloween or any old-time we like, which leads to today’s cosplay query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) still has a great idea for a Sexy Augustus Gloop costume, but can’t find anyone to wear the blueberry suit with me, asking: If time and expense were no object, what is *your* dream Halloween costume?


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  1. Too many choices.

    High Exemplar Kreoss from Warmachine
    Either a Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Black Templar or Pre-Heresy Emperor’s Children space marine from Warhammer 40K
    Cygnaran gun mage from Warmachine
    Star-Lord or Hellboy are the only comic book related costumes I would want to do.

  2. Full custom Mandalorian armor. I have slapped together a custom Mandalorian armor costume, but it is more of a light/stealth look rather than as detailed as those you see in the movies, Clone Wars, toys or comics.

    I’d also like a Green Ranger/Dragonranger costume with a good shield (like in the Super Sentai footage, not the “cloth” one of MMPR) and helmet. The rest of the costume isn’t that hard, even the morpher and Dragon Dagger are easy enough to get right now (although slightly on the pricey side). Even a custom made helmet is only about $250 (which is way out of my price range, but still a possibility). But a custom Super Sentai accurate shield goes for at LEAST $1000 on most sites I’ve seen. I could get a full movie accurate Darth Vader or Stormtrooper outfit (or, in some places, both) for under $800, so that is pretty dang pricey for just a single part of the costume.

    Similarly, I’ve looked into pricing of custom medieval fantasy armors for a custom take (similar to how some people have done Steampunk versions of superheroes). A Green Lantern medieval fantasy leather armor costume would be cheaper than a custom fantasy Super Sentai/Power Ranger would, but it would still run upwards of $1500 (the torso parts alone are about $850). Still, if I had the funds, I’d love to get one of those costume ideas brought to life. I could easily make a toned-down one with fabric, but it wouldn’t be nearly as epic.

  3. Johann from BPRD is always something I’ve wanted to try. His newer costume from Hell On Earth would be quite interesting if pulled off well. I have a beard and refuse to shave, so if my face isn’t covered I would have to have a costume that that worked with.

  4. Realistic option: Im a bit short for stormtrooper (5′ 10″) so Boba Fett costume.
    Or unrealistic option, 1:1 operational Metal Gear Rex.

        • Makes sense.

          You may want to check online costume sites over the next few days. While the REALLY good ones won’t be any cheaper, I’ve already seen some half decent Star Wars costumes marked down, such as one site had an adult size Pre Viszla Mandalorian costume that was normally $70 marked down to $20. At the very least, they might have one of the good Boba Fett helmets for cheap. That was how I snagged the one I repainted for my armor costume (the only part I didn’t make myself) for dirt cheap.

  5. Wildfire from the Legion would be up there, just so I’d have that costume. For Halloween if I wanted, and I heavily put this in quotes and gag, a “sexy costume” I’ll be the Spectre. For the season Etrigan or Deadman would be my runners up.

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