Didja hear the one about Sherlock Holmes as Doctor Strange?  I imagine so, as dozens of websites leapt on the news that Englebert Slaptyback Benedict Cumberbatch had absolutely, definitely, for sure been cast in the role of Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme.  Of course, this came without any announcement from either the actor or Marvel Studios, and as of this writing it is still unconfirmed.  To be honest, I’m not familiar with his work in anything other that “Star Trek Into Darkness”, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Zenglebert Wengledack tackle the role, if only to see if yet another Marvel stalwart is suddenly English like Professor X and Magneto.  Having bought into a number of these “sure things” in my time, I’m not making fun of anyone (though it is funny how it went from “Hey, what about” to “Considering a deal” to “Holy $#!+! We have Doctor Strange in a big game of telephone), and reminds doubters on both sides that we really have *NO* idea what’s going on in Hollywood, which leads us to today’s scurrilous query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) wishes that the ‘Unlimited Powers’ series, supposedly to feature The Flash, Doctor Occult, Green Arrow’s daughter and Blok from Legion of Super-Heroes, had actually come to pass, asking: Which of the myriad pop culture rumors do you most wish were true?


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  1. I dont really follow much rumors, especially Hollywood movie or pop star ones since I’m not interested in these people at all outside their role performances, except few select people. I’ll choose the ones that Elvis and Michael Jackson actually faked their deaths to retire in peace.

  2. “I’m not familiar with his work in anything other that “Star Trek Into Darkness””
    Sherlock is on Netflix. It isn’t bad, his take on Sherlock is kinda like a cross between Sheldon from “Big Bang Theory” and Dr. House from “House”. I wouldn’t consider it the best series ever, but it is pretty amusing.

    I am kinda on the fence about it, but I half want the rumor that Saban is going to try again to adapt Kamen Rider to be true mostly so I’ll have easier access to Kamen Rider collectibles without having to pay high import shop or online seller costs.

    And although it has been announced that a US release of subtitled Zyuranger DVDs are coming, I hope the rumor that it is the start of a series of officially subbed Super Sentai is true.

  3. Comic book related a Legion of Super-Heroes movie or a Guillermo del Toro Justice League Dark movie (with hopefully a better name.)

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