The LEGO Movie was certainly a breakout hit of 2014, spawning the creation a multiple films, including a sequel. Phil Lord and Chris Miller were the directors and writers for the first film and it looks like they will be back for a second time.

Lord and Miller have signed on to write the sequel, which is a great boost for the sequel. When a sequel is announced so quickly after the first release there are always parts of me that worry due to the fact that a sequel does not guarantee that all of the people who made the first a success will be available for the next film. But, this is a great step for Warner Bros. and The LEGO Movie 2 by bringing in the same duo that wrote the first.

Now, Lord and Miller have not signed on to direct the sequel; just write it. A director hasn’t actually been announced at all at this point, but the sequel is still at a minimum of two years away. Originally, The LEGO Movie 2 was set to release in 2017, but now the LEGO Batman spin-off film has been set to release that same year.

Watching how Warner Bros. handles their new franchise possibility with LEGO will be incredibly interesting with the many directions it could span down if they let it. Hopefully they get the stuff together faster than they have with their DC properties.

via Variety



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