Because of my less-than-typical work schedule (locked in the bunker for ten hours per day, four times per week), I actually have what I refer to as a “secondary weekend” on Tuesday.  Given the amount of general housekeeping work done on Saturday and Sunday, especially with the dryer on the fritz, it’s really the day where I get to shut down my adult brain and go through a bit of decompression.  (‘Course, I also tend to read a trade paperback for the MSP and check out our flick for ‘Zach On Film’, and other such internet pursuits, but…  That’s another story.)  But, if I *really* need to relax, I usually check out of the world entirely with some Stephen King short stories of, it gets REALLY serious, some classic Tom & Jerry cartoons.  In an absolute worst-case scenario, it might be time for a fifty-third reading of the entire catalogue of ‘Howard The Duck,’ which leads us to today’s calming query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is always fascinated by people’s emotional reaction, especially a friend who shut down his agita by shooting only characters with blonde hair in ‘Grand Theft Auto’, asking: What pop culture is the best at helping you to put your feet up and relax?


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  1. It depends on my mood. Sometimes it’s a shooter or rpg on xbox. It could be a nice turn based game I can take my time with like Civilization. The again, maybe it’s time for a cheesy horror movie or shortening up the stack of graphic novels I got from the library.

  2. Mine seems to go in cycles, this week it seems to be comics, last week it was tv shows. Often I tend to trap myself in some kind of media loop, consuming everything about certain genre, or even franchise. I get my hands on everything possible related to it, books, games, movies, comics, etc. and when I feel like I’ve had enough for a while I move on to the next thing. I have regulars to check out each week, but on top of those, this is how I roll.

  3. Reading fiction in general, be it comics or novels, or sometimes the occasional fanfic. It has been my escape from my health problems for most of my life, and it is the most effective way for me to forget my troubles, pain, etc. and actually relax.

    RPGs and some strategy video games (games like “Pokemon Conquest”, “Final Fantasy Tactics” or “Fire Emblem”) also work. They give me something to focus on and clear my head.

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