Press Release, one of the World’s longest-running humor institutions and home of the Webby Award-winning series After Hours, is getting into the Halloween spirit with its newest series from Cracked Studios, Monster Management. The new three-episode series will premiere on Monday, Oct. 27 at

Monster Management follows a PR team at an agency called 4M (Modern Monster Makeover and Management), helping zombies, vampires, witches and ghosts brand themselves so they avoid becoming as irrelevant as that has-been from the Black Lagoon. The series takes you inside 4M, as they ride the new wave of fast zombies and the “sexy-fication” of vampires. Think Mad Men meets Entourage, but with monsters.


“For reasons that have never been clear to me, I’ve always found the idea of branding very funny,” said writer Dan O’Brien. “Products can’t be sold in a way that’s straightforward anymore. Instead of “buy this soda because you like the taste of it more than this other soda,” it’s all about building a customized experience AROUND the soda to appeal to extreme twentysomething snowboard enthusiasts on-the-go, #Soda2.0, #MoreThanJustaSoda #AreYouManEnoughToDrinkThisSoda?!” The image of a team of people with vaguely-defined marketing/PR-related backgrounds thinking about branding and messaging for these classic horror staples really stuck out to me, because taking something iconic and putting a needless spin on it is at the core of everything I find silly and alienating about building brand awareness, as a concept”

Starting Monday, Oct. 27, full episodes of the series will be released every other day on, with the final episode airing on Halloween. The series was written by’s Daniel O’Brien and directed by Abe Epperson. It stars Noël Wells (Saturday Night Live), Soren Bowie, Daniel O’Brien, Cody Johnston, Michael Swaim, Katie Willert, Brennan Kelleher and Greg Scali., which is known for its nonfiction humor articles containing some of the most insightful pop culture observations and its three-time Webby Award-winning series After Hours, launched Cracked Studios earlier this year to focus on original narrative shows and miniseries designed for the digital marketplace. 


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