If you haven’t heard about DC All Access yet, it’s DC Comics Youtube show where they interview creators and more. They recently announced a contest looking for a new cohost, and I have thrown my hat into the ring! But I need your help!

Spoilerites, I love comic books. That’s why I have spent the last year and a half making episodes of Jason Reads Comics on this great site. But how amazing would it be to have  a version of Jason Reads Comics on DC All Access?

So how can you help? Simply watch the video below, and RT it using the hash tag #DCHostSearch, Rt’s are being used as a judging factor in this contest. Or you could just copy and paste this handy tweet into Twitter!

#DCHostSearch http://youtu.be/rsrsqO_Lap4 Please RT this and help @Jawiin talk about his love of comics on #DCAllAccess

Thank you all so much for your help, and I hope you enjoy the video!


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Born in the land of Superman and now living in Los Angeles, Jason is a simple man who one day dreams of writing a scene where Superman punches the moon. He's worked for many companies including Walt Disney, 20th Century Fox, and Youtubers Rhett & Link. During his ever escaping free time, he produces content for his award winning Youtube channel while reading more comics than any one man should in a week.


  1. I have (and love) that Norm Breyfogle issue as well. It was one of the first comics I bought on my own and helped me want to get into illustration and design (by recreating his work – I must have drawn that cover ten times).

    Good luck, I hope you get it. Hell, I wish you could do both that and Jason Reads Comics as I never miss an episode it it would be sad to see it go.

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