I was not quite eight years old when Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman hit the airwaves, but I can tell you this: She will always be Wonder Woman to me.  Even with a satin uniform and a mid-range 70s crime-drama budget, the Wonder Woman television show was an important step in getting us to the world of today, where every other movie features a comic-book hero, and The Flash is going to be in two separate media played by two separate actors.  A quick glance at the more artsy parts of the Internet will glean you hundreds of images of the current Superman & Batman photoshopped alongside Lynda’s shiny bodice, which may be proof of her continued appeal or just that DC Comics hasn’t had the wherewithal and guts to bring us another Wonder Woman since 1980.  Whichever you believe, there have been tons of talented actresses in the world who could bring the Amazing Amazon to life (Can you imagine a young Bea Arthur as Wonder Woman circa 1949?), which leads us to today’s casting-couch query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) always wondered what Patricia McPherson might have done with the role in 1988, asking: What actress of any era, living or dead, do you believe would have made the best Wonder Woman of all time?


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  1. Doctor Dinosaur on

    Well other than Lucy Lawless (Which is the obvious choice) and Gina Carano recent favourite.

    Rachel Nichols of Continuum fame of course.
    Let me explain in pictures.

    I think her and Henry Cavill were grown in the same lab. She looks like comicbook Wonder Woman.

    She’s confused by “man’s world” like Wonder Woman.

    I’m pretty sure she is Wonder Woman.

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