Xbox released the second trailer for the Ridley Scott produced Halo Nightfall series and it contains a whole lot of nods to the widely successful video game series.


So, in this trailer we got to see a partial curve to a Halo Ring, an Elite with an energy sword, the wonderful display for the assault riffle dating back to the first game, and our main characters stumble upon The Flood. 13 and 23 year old me are absolutely giddy.

When the shot of what appeared to be a Flood hand reached out and attempted to grab a solider I thought that they were going to change up The Flood into more of a modern day zombie figure. But, with the manner in which they show a large Flood turn into a swarm of those tiny little buggers I think they are going to make fans of the series happy while giving new-comers to the franchise a new look at an undead enemy.

Having Ridley Scott on this project seems like the perfect fit. One could easily see how Halo Nightfall could treat the Halo Ring like Nostromo from Alien with The Flood being the Alien lurking in the shadows for a few episodes of the show. Eventually with The Flood though, I hope all the characters switch over to the shotguns with a line of “Let’s kill these fu***ers!” At least, that’s what I always yelled while trying to survive The Flood.

Halo Nightfall will release the first episode on November 11th, the same day as the Halo: Master Chief Collection.

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