One of the most puzzling bits of Wonder Woman’s history was the reasoning behind a woman from a thousands-of-years-old hidden race of magical women wearing a costume based on a barely 200-year-old nation’s flag.  Indeed, some past versions or Princess Diana’s story have her wearing that costume as her day-to-day attire on Paradise Island before becoming the ambassador to Man’s World, which raises questions both of origin and of hygiene.  It wasn’t until the George Perez-written 1987 reboot that anyone even took the time to ADDRESS this weird development, which makes it even funnier that immediately afterwards, her costume began changing frequently.  The current version of Wonder Woman has silver accents in place of the classic gold; black shorts rather than the sky-blue culottes of lore, and rather dangerous-looking pointy choker to match her newly silvered diadem and breastplate.  It’s a striking image that maintains the integrity of her historical costumery, but it’s one that raises today’s sartorial query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) reminds traditionalists that the even the old-school Wonder Woman suit changed literally DOZENS of times between ’41 & ’11, asking: Do you prefer the traditional Red/Blue/Gold Wonder Woman uniform or the new-and-improved Red/Black/Silver version?


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  1. Red/blue/gold. the new one isn’t bad either but the classic iconic color scheme will always be the one I prefer, you can’t go wrong with it.

  2. The gold worked with the audacity of wearing a strapless one-piece into battle. The silver works better with the conservative, realistic pants and corset combo.

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