Wonder Woman has been in hundreds of issues of comics over her many decades of print. But which are the best? It’s time to decide the best Wonder Woman stories of all time.

A Wonder Woman story must have two elements for me to consider it a great story. She must be strong heroine and it must tie into her Greek heritage. So using those caveats, these are my choices for the best Wonder Woman stories of all time. Your mileage may vary.




5. Wonder Woman Vol 1: The Blood

Yes, this story is part of the New 52. But it’s such a bold new direction that even Zack Snyder decided that he had to take beats from this story. Diana is tasked with protecting a pregnant woman by Hermes, and along the way finds out that she is a demigod herself. I realize this is the perfect example of “Everything you know is wrong!” However, this storyline gives a strong Wonder Woman who doesn’t back down, and it now firmly in tune with her Greek heritage. 20 years from now, this storyline will still be talked about.




4. Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth

A simple one and done story by Paul Dini and Alex Ross. This book shows Wonder Woman’s origin from her mother’s perspective. Plus it shows Diana fighting terrorists and being an ambassador for her people. There is not a purer aspect of Wonder Woman that you could ask for in a storyline. It’s a simple story but a beautiful one that will touch your heart.




3. JLA: A League of One

Yes, this is a Justice League one shot, but it’s an issue all about Wonder Woman. When ancient dragon starts to awake, fulfilling an ancient prophecy that it will destroy the JLA, Diana makes the ultimate sacrifice. She defeats all of her friends through brute strength and trickery so that she can face the beast herself. You will never question the power of the character known as Wonder Woman after you read this one shot.





2. Wonder Woman: Eyes of Gorgon

This is Wonder Woman’s trial by fire. She faces enemies on all sides. Themyscira rests of the coast of the US during this storyline, which ambassador Diana must solve. Plus there’s a coup in OIympus, and Wonder Woman must fight the gorgon known as Medusa. This contains one of the most jaw dropping Wonder Woman moments in her entire history with her solution to beat Medusa. (Hint: It involves acid and her eyes.) This storyline shows us that no matter the challenge Wonder Woman will do what it takes to be victorious.





1. Wonder Woman: Challenge of the Gods

Wonder Woman was relaunched and revamped by George Perez after the Crisis on Infinite Earths, and these seven issues are the highlight of his run. Zeus challenges Diana to prove the worth of the Amazonians, and by doing so, Diana learns about the mysterious heroine for who she is named. This storyline features the best explanation for Wonder Woman’s star spangled outfit, and ties it to a very personal emotional beat. Challenge of the Gods proved that Wonder Woman was truly a hero of two worlds. That’s why it is truly the greatest Wonder Woman storyline of all time.


There are my picks for the five best Wonder Woman stories of all time. Let me know in the comments if you agree with my picks, and click the links if you wish to enjoy those stories for yourself!



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