Wonder Woman Week continues at Major Spoilers!  There have been a lot of different takes on the greatest of the Amazons over the years, but since the mid-1990s, it has become de rigueur that she will often go into battle carrying a sword.  It makes sense in context, especially with modern interpretations that Wonder Woman has a slight more medieval attitude towards matters of war, crime and punishment (as Maxwell Lord can tell you from experience.)  The New 52 Wonder Woman is seemingly proficient with all melee weapons, handling axes, swords and bludgeons (and, on at least one occasion, pistols) with equal skill, marking her as the DCU’s combat polymath.  I’ve found that, much like her relationship with Superman, it’s difficult to have a neutral opinion on her blade usage, which leads us to today’s double-edged query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has opinions on superheroes with swords, most of which rest on the limited usage they’re allowed, asking: Do you prefer your Wonder Woman with sword or without?


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  1. My first reaction is that I’d rather see Wonder Woman with a Sword. My reasoning for that is that it further differentiates her from the other members of the JL. They all are either blasting or punching. Having Diana actually use a weapon, especially if it is not just any blade but something specific (and greek looking) and meaningful. Does she need a sword? Definetly not, she is just as badass without one. She would also not use this for every occasion, she is not (Lady-)Zorro. When WW draws her sword things have gotten serious. 

  2. I would rather see Wonder Woman with a sword, shield and a spear, like a greek hoplite. Oh, and sandals instead of high heel boots.

  3. Doctor Dinosaur on

    Sword, makes her stand out, lets her do different nifty actiony things, enforces the mythic hero angle, adds an always entertaining phallic item with which she can create physical humour or visual metaphors decrying or embracing masculine concepts. Also; swords are cool.
    Always with sword.

  4. As a semi-collector of swords, I’d rather see her with one. It adds an element to her that go beyond her usual powers, giving her an extra visual emphasis that she’s a warrior rather than a superhero (at least, that has been my take on how she is portrayed). It also gives her an extra edge (no pun intended) against those who may otherwise be a match for her physical abilities.

  5. No sword. No way. Wonder Woman is meant to be the ideal of peace and harmony, in a world of crazy Amazons and wrong-headed men.

    Wielding a sword puts her on the same level of all the others who require violence to make their points.

    Like Cap America, Diana should need no true offensive weapon. She has her bracelets and lasso, and that should be enough to do the job.

    I like the idea that she is a master of all handheld weapons, but opts not to use them so as not to debase herself. Leave the swords in the invisi-jet, and come out with lasso blazing. That’s Wonder Woman.

  6. If you go back to the late 50s, early sixties incarnation, Wonder Woman was an emmisary scent from Amazon Island in order to save all those horrible warlike men from their savage natures. This Wonder Woman would not need or use a sword. Of course, this was also the era of Batmite, the Super Pets and Wonder Woman’s silly invisible plane – and I always wondered how she kept people from walking into the invisible prop??? I much prefer the modern take on Wonder Woman, who is a powerhouse capable to taking out Superman if she needed to, and is willing to use whatever weapon is at hand to accomplish her mission. A much better heroine than the old Magic Lasso Bullets and Bracelets WW.

  7. I would go with a case by case basis on the swords depending on who or what she’s fighting. If she’s fighting robots or some undead chop them up otherwise no swords.

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