This week is Wonder Woman Week at Major Spoilers!  Since the Amazing Amazon debuted back in the winter of ’41, she’s faced a literal army of enemies, from monsters to aliens to giant robot versions of herself.  The old Superfriends cartoon paired her against Giganta, whose comic-book origin was originally that she was a shaved gorilla who had to power to grow at will…

It was the 40s.  Things were different then.  As one of the only heroes to be continually published after the superhero market crashed at the dawn of the fifties, Wonder Woman has probably had more adventures than anyone short of Superman and Batman themselves, but lacks a clear Lex Luthor/Joker counterpart, which leads us to today’s archvillainous query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) really has no dog in this fight, but found her battles with evil scientist/crime-lord Doctor Cyber pretty compelling, asking: Which nefarious foe of Wonder Woman deserves to be considered her number one enemy?


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  1. I like the classical era Greek angle in Wonder Woman, so I want to say Ares. Cheetah is also great but thats probably because I tend to like every animal themed lady in comics (Tigra, Vixen etc.).

  2. The Patriarchy!
    Or Ares, yeah, I’m going to say Ares I love how Wonder Woman can tap into those mythic characters and stories.

  3. Glass ceilings and bad writing.

    Just kidding…sort of.
    I think Circe is most appropriate. Where Diana is motivated primarily by her belief people are good and decent and tries to make the world a better place, Circe creates discord and hates everyone, believing deep down, people are just beasts (which makes her gimmick of turning people into animals make even more sense, if you think about it).

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