DC’s official announcement of their upcoming movie slate through 2020 has a more than a few tongues wagging, with official confirmation of a Wonder Woman solo movie, a new Green Lantern flick, and a projected 2018 feature film debut for The Flash.  Interestingly, this movie Scarlet Speedster has already been cast and will be separate and distinct from Grant Gustin’s CW television version of The Flash (which is remarkably enjoyable stuff, by the way.)  As someone who grew up with the distinctions of Earth-1/Earth-2, not to mention ancillary knockoff Earths like the one the Crime Syndicate ran, but I’m already hearing worried voice that the distinction between TV and movie Flash will confuse audiences.  Some even worry that this announcement effectively knocks the legs out from under small-screen Barry Allen, which leads us into today’s super-speed query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) personally has no problem with the concept, as the Nolan movies overlapped with more than one Batman on TV, albeit all animated, asking: Do you see any problems with Warner Brothers putting differing versions of the Flash in different media simultaneously?


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  1. No problem at all. The Flash on the big screen is still at least 3 1/2 years away. Plus, I still think they may introduce the multiple earths, and give us the Flash of Two Worlds. We don’t know the name of the Flash in the movie. Could be Wally, could be Jay in a WW2 setting, could even be Bart from the future.

  2. No, I dont care much about continuity anyway. Like I’ve probably said before, here where I live, back in the day before internet and net stores we got comic book stories as local publisher saw fit, sometimes in chronological order, sometimes not. Every now and then series was cut short and jumped onwards, skipping “less than stellar” storylines. Sometimes they mentioned original issues, sometimes they didnt. So, I took always one storyline as their own series, independent unless proven otherwise. No problem to me at all having several, simultaneous stories or versions of characters going on.

  3. I’m a little disappointed.I was hoping to see a single universe like Marvel is doing. But it is a few years away so let’s see what happens.
    Interesting to note with all these movies being announced that they have said anything about a Green Arrow character appearing in the the movies yet.

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