Thanks to a new round of Marvel teasers, fans are a’quiver in anticipation that Captain America 3 may be a big-screen adaptation of Marvel’s big Civil War event, where Captain America and Iron Man battled for, essentially, control of the superheroes of the Marvel Universe.  It’s the kind of story that could only be improved…

Actually, that sentence could end right there.  Regardless, what I was GOING to say was that seeing Civil War played out with RDJ chewing up the scenery as the “futurist who knows what must be done” Tony Stark, with Chris Evans against him could be a lot of fun.  And, much as with ‘Batman v Superman: Property Rights In Metropolis 1939 to 1986’, I’m somewhat pleased to see them considering the source material, even if it’s source material that I don’t like.  If they were talking ‘Great Darkness Saga’, ‘Secret Wars’ or even the New Mutants running amuck in Asgard, I’d be super-psyched, leading us in turn to today’s rumor-filled-and-probably-not-featuring-Spider-Man query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is waiting for the Jay Baruchel/Jonah Hill/Michael Cera/Tony Danza movie version of ‘The Inferior Five’, with Jennifer Lawrence as Dumb Bunny, but that’s mostly because I’m kind of an idiot, asking: What comic-book story would you MOST like to see as a big-budget movie adaptation?


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  1. My desire for the Infinity Gauntlet grows with each new Marvel movie.
    However, I’m afraid that recent news of Civil War may impact this.
    Please, don’t screw this up, Marvel!

  2. All-Star Superman. If faithfully adapted, we would have kind, compassionate Superman who always does the right thing and inspires others. Saves the world too. You know, the kind of Superman’s supposed to be.

  3. Infinity Gauntlet, (Avengers) Korvac Saga,and Under Siege, (Thor) Beta Ray Bill, (GotG) Annihilation, (X-Men) Inferno, (FF) Into the Negative Zone, (Spider-Man) anything that has peter and MJ getting married :p

  4. One answer would be Great Darkness Saga. Other story lines that I’d like to see would be Sinestro Corps War, (ever got a Blue Beetle movie the Reach story line), the Brainiac story line from Action Comics a few years back, and in another outside chance the Scorpio story from Defenders would be sweet.

  5. There are so many to choose from. I tend to think about the different one off’s and what if’s. One of my favorites is “Superman: Speeding bullets”. An Elseworlds book from 1993. It was basically about if the Waynes had found Kal-El instead of the Kents and named him Bruce, and what would happen after he witnessed their deaths. Some of the visuals from it would look quite nice in live action.

  6. I’d like to see Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind done as a live action movie. It was originally an anime film that was converted into a comic book series and became a classic of both genres. The other think I’d like to see would be Lee and Kaluta’s Starstruck. Howard Chaykin’s American Flagg might also make a great live action movie.

    • I dunno, I’d be a little cautious about it being made live-action by Hollywood. Maybe if it were made elsewhere and merely distributed here, like some anime and live-action foreign films, but I’d be iffy about Hollywood adapting it unless they got just the right people behind the project.

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