Last night’s episode of The Flash, once again featured a number of nods to characters and events from the DC universe. Did you catch them all? Take the jump for ten fun facts and nods to the DCU (warning: potential spoilers ahead)

staggSimon Stagg and Stagg Enterprises

Stagg Enterprises first appeared in 1965’s Metamorpho #1. Founded by Simon Stagg, Stagg Enterprises does not have an office in Central City, but does in New York, Los Angeles, and Metropolis.  That bit about Metamorpho #1? Stagg’s daughter, Sapphire was in love with Rex Mason, and Stagg did everything he could to keep them apart. With Stagg dead (spoiler) will we still see Metamorpho?


multiplexDanton Black aka Multiplex

Multiplex first appeared in Firestorm #1 in 1976, and his powers are pretty much the same as we saw on this week’s episode.  With a combination of nuclear fission and mass duplication, Multiplex can create a nearly unlimited number of “duploids” to do his will.  Firestorm #1?  Yup, starting to notice a pattern?  We have already heard the name Ronnie Raymond mentioned more than a few times, and knowing that Dr. Martin Stein is soon set to appear in the series, it’s a good bet Firestorm can’t be far behind.

mrjavaMr. Java

Simon Stagg’s body guard, Mr. Java first appeared in Brave and the Bold #57 (January, 1965). First discovered by Rex Mason, the Neanderthal served Stagg for years.

Java was not an inherently evil individual, but his moral base had been compromised due to his constant exposure to the unscrupulous Simon Stagg. He was also extremely selfish when it came to his wants and desires. When Rex abducted Joey from Stagg Mansion, Java flew into a rage and was determined to kill him. Even Simon’s command over him could not quell Java’s emotions. Frustrated by the Neanderthal’s rare act of defiance, Simon Stagg shot him in the head, seemingly killing him.

Considering what happened to the character, I don’t think we’ll be seeing him appear in the series again.

Taco_Bell_Crunchy_TACO_SUPREME_829399850 Tacos

In the episode Carlos Valdes (that’s Vibe for those paying close attention) mentions that Barry Allen needs to eat roughly 850 tacos a day. According to the Taco Bell nutrition information chart (yeah, we laughed at that, too), a Crunchy Taco has 170 calories. Run the math and Barry needs to consume 144,500 calories a day. Maybe The Flash should talk to those Epic Meal Time guys…

Cosmic Treadmill

When the S.T.A.R. Labs team runs tests on Barry to see why he is passing out, they set up a heavy duty treadmill. Those who are fans of the pre-crisis Flash may have noticed the treadmill looked very much like the Cosmic Treadmill Barry would use to travel through time.



John Broome introduced the Cosmic Treadmill in The Flash #125 in 1961.

williamsadlerOh, It’s THAT Guy

William Sadler played Simon Stagg in this episode. You may remember him from The Shawshank Redemption, Iron man 3, Tru Calling, Roswell, The Green Mile, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine to name a few.

Location, Location, Location

Central City may be located in Missouri in the DC Universe, but ariels of Portland Oregon, Surrey, British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, and Coquitiam, BC bring Central City to life.


You may have noticed it last week, but in case you missed it, Jitters is the coffee shop that all the residents Central City visit on a regular basis. The coffee chain first appeared in Flash #1 (June, 2010)

Central City Herald

In the closing moments of the episode, Iris West reads her mobile feed for sightings of The Red Streak. One post is from No. The URL doesn’t resolve… yet.

Hex’s Gun Shop

Could this have been a nod to Jonah Hex? Really obscure if the creators put that in. Interestingly, there was no stuffed cowboy standing in the corner of the shop.

Harron’s Clothing Shop

Not a nod to anything in the DCU (that we were able to track down), but the production designer for the show is Tyler Bishop Harron.


What other easter eggs and other surprises will The Flash bring us next week? We can’t wait to find out!



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