During the 1990s, the writers of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Tom & Mary Bierbaum, were also the writers of the DC Roleplaying Game supplement on the Legion of Super-Heroes, which was notable for two things: It told you everything you really needed to know about the series that never actually appeared in the comics, and it gave every single Legionnaire blue eyes.  (They weren’t all the SAME blue, though.  Some were “piercing”, while others were “bright” and at least one had “electric” blue eyes.)  Ever since then, I’ve been a little bit leery of the idea that, somehow, eye color is a facet of personality.  D’ri’z’z”t” (Like C’Th’U’L’U’, I’m never 100% sure about the apostrophe placement) was notable for his purple eyes, while Aqualad/Tempest having the same color marked him as an outcast in Atlantis.  Sure, they’re windows to the soul, but the villain of a piece having glowing red eyes has now become shorthand for eeeeevil, which leads us to today’s heterochromatic query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is a sucker for a pair of big brown eyes, but doesn’t think that it means that the ladies in question have magical powers (OR DO THEY???), asking: If you were an anime protagonist, what weird/unusual color eyes would you want?


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  1. In MMOs and other places where it is an option (including my Miqo’te in FFXIV and multiple avatars including a couple anime styled in Second Life), I usually go for “3D Glasses” colored eyes, with the right eye blue and the left eye red. Why, you may ask? Because I have cosmetic contacts just like that which I frequently wear (often along with my vampire fangs) to freak people out, and because I imagine that is probably what I’d look like as an anime character.

    Alternately, I have an anime-ish character I created loosely based on my appearance that has a normal ice blue left eye, but the right eye is pure white. The story behind it is she actually lost her eye to cancer, but a new one grew (by a combination of science and magic) that allows her to see beyond this plane of existence (seeing ghosts, tears in the fabric of reality and “true forms” of disguised monsters/demons/angels).

    And yet another alternate (I’ve thought about this a LOT). Black sclera and golden yellow iris. Very similar to this.
    No reason other than it looks pretty cool.

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