Marvel made a fairly big announcement by letting us know an animated Guardians of the Galaxy series would be debuting in 2015. Test footage was shown during the panel, but now we have it for you to enjoy!

Not what I was expecting at all. Awesome!

The design and animated styles are completely different here than what we have seen in what Marvel is currently offering up in the animated department on Disney. Marvel certainly took a risk by even moving forward with the Guardians of the Galaxy film and that has paid off massively for them. Did they success of that film, which visually would fit in with the rest of the Marvel Studios projects, open up the possibility of playing more with their properties? I sure hope so.

Now we do have to remember that this is only test footage so character designs and the overall look of the series might be different when the series finally premieres, but I hope they keep moving forward with this direction,

What say you? Are you excited to see a shift away from the current designs Marvel is using for their other shows? Give your opinion in the comments below!

via Marvel


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