Many thought the Star Wars fan film would be struck dead after the acquisition from Disney took place, but it seems to be getting the embrace we all want as the Star Wars Fan Film Awards are coming back in 2015!

Originally starting in 2002 as way for Lucasfilm to acknowledge and give the okay to those making fan films based off Star Wars, the contest was shelved in 2012, the same year Disney purchased Lucasfilm. But, now as new creations start coming from the two companies on all fronts, Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm, has announced the return of the contest saying:

The ‘Star Wars Fan Film Awards’ are a wonderful way for us to acknowledge the extraordinary talent and passion of our fans that have supported us throughout the years. Since ‘Star Wars’ has inspired so many to take up a camera and begin their own filmmaking careers, we’d like to share some of that inspiration with an audience and encourage those filmmakers to follow their bliss. I’m looking forward to witnessing the incredible creativity I know our fans are capable of.

To make the announcement official, and fitting, released The Empire Strikes Back Uncut on their site along with the official announcement of the contest. If you are not aware of what the Uncut series of films are, they are total recreations of, so far, A New Hope and, now, The Empire Strikes Back using 15-second segments created by fans all around the world in completely different styles.

Seven different categories will be giving out awards at the Film Awards which will be: Filmmaker Select, Best Animation, Best Non-Fiction, Spirit of Fandom, Best Comedy, Best Visual Effects, and Audience Choice. Filmmakes can submit their creations that must be under 5 minutes at to be considered for next years’ contest.

Celebrate this great announcement by watching The Empire Strikes Back Uncut below.

via Variety


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