There wasn’t a lot to do in Kansas in the 1970s, so I always looked forward to the semi-annual trip to ‘Worlds Of Fun’, the theme park just outside Kansas City.  In those days, the centerpiece of the park was The Orient Express, a steel roller-coaster with a wicked boomerang curve.  Though I once got up the courage to queue up for the thing, I chickened out at the last minute, and never rode the legendary ride in its heyday, and since the entire ride was torn down and sold for scrap in 2003, I probably never will.  (Time travel is always a possibility that can’t be ruled out.)  It’s one of my minor pop culture regrets, right up there with not seeing George Carlin live and never having a torrid makeout session with a young Diana Rigg, which leads us into today’s wistful query

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) had a chance to see George in Topeka a few years before he passed away, but wouldn’t part with the ticket price, something I consider myself and idiot for, asking: What are your biggest pop-culture-related regrets?


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  1. That I let someone talk me into watching “Spice World”.

    Yelling at Miss Tennessee. I’m not even joking. When I was in the hospital going through chemo in St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Miss Tennessee (1984 or 1985, I’m not sure) came and visited with kids. I was 4 years old and EXTREMELY fussy that day after all the procedures, and I screamed at her to leave me alone. The nurses said I even threw a toy at her. I’ve always wanted to apologize for that.

    I also regret never making it to any of those casting calls they held relatively nearby for movies like “Man of Steel” or “Transformers”. I know it is just extras and stuff, but my geek side regrets not being able to say “Hey, I was in (movie)” and being able to write a whole fanfiction backstory for the character, even if it was just a long shot where you couldn’t even make out that it was me. It is probably for the best, though, since security probably would have had to escort me away for bothering everyone by asking “Is Optimus Prime going to be on set today?”.

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