The world is a much different place than it was in 1977. Today’s audiences often have higher expectations of sophistication than we did during the Carter Administration and literally hundreds of times more options in what to watch. This means that the upcoming addition(s) to the Star Wars universe have a much tougher row to hoe in terms of finding their niche. Undoubtedly, these movies will be hugely successful financially, but with the built-in derision of the internet aimed and ready for JJ Abrams and company, I wonder how they’ll be received. I figure, if we get some of our snark out of the way now, we’ll be ready to absorb new adventures from the Galaxy Far, Far Away, which leads to today’s force-choking query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is prepared for the onslaught of people decrying “lens flare”, asking: What is your worst fear about the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII?


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  1. One of them has already come to pass, the declaration that the EU “didn’t happen”. Sure, elements of the EU have made their way into other official Star Wars series and other media, but before the declaration, it was always sorta like “This could happen between the cracks of the movie or before and after”. Now we won’t even get new stories in that setting, which means a LOT of great characters are going to be left behind.

    I’m also worried we’ll get “Star Trek: The Phantom Menace”, with lots of lens flares of the political process and not much sci-fi space craziness like the original trilogy.

  2. My biggest fear is that they won’t actually do anything “new” per se.
    They will have a thin plot that serves to showcase all the returning actors.

  3. RAM_evilspaceknight on

    My biggest fear is that Solo survives a direct hit from the new improved Death Star by hiding in the Falcon’s fridge. Still, what’s the chances of THAT happening….

  4. I really hope they wont go “evil Luke” or “Emperor clone/return” route, that would be creatively bankrupt and it undermines the whole purpose of original trilogy. I know both of those stories have been done in EU books and yeah, they sucked too.

    • I agree Dark Side Luke and Emperor Clone were pretty bad, but I did kinda like “Luuke”, the evil clone of Luke that was cloned from his severed hand. But I just can’t see them using it in the movies without coming across as desperate for stories, so I hope none of it shows up at all. MAYBE if they make a new animated series that takes place after Episode VII, but not in the movies.

  5. Pretty much everything after the travesty that were the prequels. The original trilogy were great ideas labored onto the screen. The new ones will be art by committee at best and that never really turns out well.

  6. I’m afraid JJ Abrams will crank everything to 11 and never let the action die down like he did in Star Trek. All that does is leave plot holes you fly super star destroyer painted black through.

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