This week, The Flash debuts on The CW, and people generally seem super excited about the show. There have been a number of speedsters at DC Comics who have had their own series, or have been a bigger part of the Flash continuity. Some have been loved, some have been hated, and some have been completely forgotten.  Today, we’re giving you the opportunity to vote and share your thoughts on your favorite DC speedster.


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  1. This was a tough call. I had to go with Wally as he was The Flash when I got into comics, but Jay Garrick is a very close second.

  2. I voted for Wally. Barry is fine, but he had such a great death. If he had to come back, he should not have been revived as the top Flash.

  3. Wally West almost single-handedly brought me over to DC in the late 90’s and was one of the last characters to get me buying back issues. Not only was he super-heroic, but he was a relatable and fallible hero at times. It was a joy watching Wally fall in love in a way that didn’t seem forced, and Mark Waid’s handling of that romance was a highlight. I also appreciated that he was an old character with a deep history that informed what was going on without chaining him to continuity at every turn. When I think of the Flash I will always think of the big-hearted Wally, and I will never forgive the new 52 and Geoff Johns for what they did to my Flash.

  4. It was a tough call, but Barry Allen was the Flash when I first started reading the book and I just always really enjoyed it. So for old times sake I’m going with him.

  5. My ignorance of Flash back story leads me to vote with name recognition. Making it a tough choice between Wally and Barry, I went with Barry simply because I like the current new 52 Flash. Apologizes to anyone offended by my ignorance.

  6. had to go with Wally West. (the original, not the horrible racial stereotype in the new 52) because he was my introduction to the flash family. Also loved his sense of humor and the fact that he’s just a good guy.

  7. They can age him, de-age him, rebrand him, kill him, bring him back, blow off his knee-caps and retcon that all away in the New 52, DC will always get my money if they stick Bart Allen in a book.

  8. I had to go with Jay, he’s just my favorite. A close second goes to Jesse Quick, though I liked her more as Liberty Belle.

  9. Issues 95 to 100 of Flash volume 2 is what started me reading American Comics prior to that it used to only be 2000ad.

    For those issues alone it had to be Wally West.

  10. Barry Allen was my Flash. He was the only Flash in the comics back in the day. Jay Garrick was simply the golden-age version who had faded away into obscurity by the time I got into comics. Wally West will always be Kid Flash in my mind, and the last time I read anything about him was when he was in the Teen Titans and was unaccountably stating to lose his powers. Bart, Bert, Bret, Burt, Brat, Barf and Barbara Allen (and all the other speedsters) were merely retreads and pretty much not worth my time. Wait. Am I getting all the Barrys and Barts confused with all the Maverick brothers and cousins and nephews? I suspect though, that like everybody’s pick for the best Green Lantern, it depends on which Green Lantern you grew up reading.

    • “I suspect though, that like everybody’s pick for the best Green Lantern, it depends on which Green Lantern you grew up reading”

      Not quite, since there are a LOT more Green Lanterns than Flashes since there are a lot of alien GLs. And I grew up reading Hal and cannot stand him, so that doesn’t always hold true.

  11. Ashley Victoria Robinson on

    BART ALLEN ALWAYS AND FOREVER! <3 Bart was always kind of the screw up speedster of the Allen legacy and I've always loved him. Geoff Johns made him vye with Tim Drake for my favourite Teen Titan birefly. I loves him.

  12. Jay Garrick! I adore that costume so very much! Simple, but effective. I especially love his look and feel (or lack there of) in Kingdom Come, though I just love the art in that book in general!

  13. Wally was my Flash, starting when I first started reading superhero comics in the late ’80s. My first issue of The Flash was actually v2 #50, which I picked up because of the then-impending start of the 1990 Flash TV series.

    By the way, your poll is missing XS from the “post-boot” LSH.

  14. I like Wally the best, even though DC did their best to screw him over in the last few years by giving him kids and then just eliminating him altogether.

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