For three seasons, the Arrow has been keeping his city safe and grabbing ratings for the CW. But how do the origins of the Arrow compare to his comic book counterpart, the Green Arrow? Let’s learn all the secrets in his quiver!

So sit back and enjoy as Ashley and Jason begin their lesson. You might learn something. Enter your Mind University!

Be careful! This podcast contains SPOILERS. So if you don’t want to know what happens, then you should come back later.

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About Author

Born in the land of Superman and now living in Los Angeles, Jason is a simple man who one day dreams of writing a scene where Superman punches the moon. He's worked for many companies including Walt Disney, 20th Century Fox, and Youtubers Rhett & Link. During his ever escaping free time, he produces content for his award winning Youtube channel while reading more comics than any one man should in a week.


  1. UGH!! That’s it!! Don’t you people ever fact check?!? For goodness sake, none of the Lanterns from Earth-1 were ever vulnerable to wood! Hal Jordan’s weakness was to yellow, Alan Scott’s was to wood.

    In the Longbow Hunters Green Arrow and Black Canary never killed anyone. The entire series was Grell’s attempt to take Green Arrow away from trick arrows and make it more gritty like he was doing in Jon Sable. He did shot bad guys with regular arrows, mostly through the hand (sometimes through the ear.)

    Ok, Inman, you’re on notice. You usually have flubs and I ignore them. The podcast is entertaining enough that I let your mistakes go by so I can have a few laughs. This is the last time I am going to put up with it. You’re up to episode 34, enough dumb mistakes. Either you research what you’re talking about or you do a lesson on something you are sure about. One more episode like this and I’ll have to unsubscribe.

    By the way, Zero Hour was not a reboot, it was an attempt to clean up oversights left over from Crisis (the first). It was in continuity and tried to fix things that editors missed. Okay, maybe you can call it a soft reboot, but I wouldn’t.

    • Hey Law,

      We’ve said time and time again that your milage may vary. There’s no way for us to read 600 plus issues of comics and still do a weekly podcast. We spend a lot of time doing research, and get as complete as we can.

      No one’s holding a gun to your head to listen to this podcast. So either relax and endure some mistakes. Or don’t listen.

      Maybe not the response you were looking for, but them’s the facts. I don’t comment with a paragraph every time Stephen says a name wrong on the Major Spoilers podcast, I roll with it.

      If we lose you as a listener, oh well. Hope to see you on our next project.
      But for other types of media, don’t shout out someone’s name and put them on notice. You automatically come off sounding as the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons.

      • Yeah, you’re right, I did sound like that when I reread my post. Twice as right because I looked and didn’t see a gun, either.
        You and Ashley are very entertaining and I enjoy the show. It’s just difficult sometimes when the errors are so bad. So yeah, I can put up with some, more obscure mistakes, but “Superfriends” obvious mistakes make me buggy.

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