The first arc of Tales of Honor wraps this week, and Top Cow sent us a sneak peek.

DEATH VIGIL #4 (of 8)
32 PAGES / FC/ T+
Bernie was right. Clara would find friends, she would find a family with the Death Vigil, but she would gain enemies as well. Powerful enemies that have waited long enough. The Codex of the Dreamers is all but translated and the Pale Court needs one last ingredient to put their plans in motion – Veilrippers from slain vigil members.

TalesOfHonor_05cov TOH005_preview01 TOH005_preview02 TOH005_preview03 TOH005_preview04 TOH005_preview05 TOH005_preview06

If you want to read the entire first issue for free, be sure to check it out, right here on Major Spoilers

via Top Cow


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  1. Er… I think you’ve got the wrong description there, Robot Overlord, though the images are correct. Tales of Honor are based on the short stories and novels of David Weber. The artwork looks nice, though it’s hard to imaging that the amount of story in a comic book could do justice to the novel, since most of David Weber’s books are three to six hundred pages of dense text and include complicated explanation of hardware, tactics, politics and religion, and you have to believe that all the religion and politics will probably be either watered down or removed entirely. I love the Honor Harrington novels, and if I ever see one of these comics on the shelf, I might pick one up, but I probably won’t go out of my way to get one since I know that I will be certain to be disappointed no matter how good the comic actually is.

  2. Oh, also, the ships are entirely wrong. In the books, the ships are all cylinders with hammerheads at either end. If the writer and artist on the comic can’t even get that right, it doesn’t bode well for how well the rest of the material will be treated. It’s like the early Marvel Star Wars comics where they didn’t draw the X wing fighters or the Falcon correctly (and don’t get me started on giant green bunny jedis). Or the Sin City comics where the classic cars are so badly rendered that they would be unable to function mechanically, as well as being crappy looking. If you can’t be bothered to get the basics right, why should I be bothered to read your comic? That’s what I want to know.

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