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Pittsburgh’s Wyld Chyld tattoo owner, tattoo celebrity, reality star and Comic Con favorite Sarah Miller will be in attendance at NYC Comic Con to release her new comic book series. Since Sarah’s appearance on the very popular tattoo reality show in Spike TV Ink Master her popularity has exploded and she is traveling around the globe meeting, greeting, and tattooing her fans. She has added numerous awards to her already impressive collection. She has been a guest judge at tattoo expos, speaks on panels during Chicago & NYC Comic Con, Dragon Con, etc.

Sarah is just finishing up creating her new comic book series which will be titled Valkyrie’s Wode to be released at next weeks NYC Comic Con. Sarah put together an exceptional team when creating the Comic Strip. Sarah and Anthony Moreci conceptualized and wrote the comic strip. She co-penciled it with Damien Torres. Tony Kordos and Spike TV Ink Master contestant Halo are inking and coloring it. She is unveiling the comic book just in time for NYC Comic Con.

Comic book description:

Valkyrie’s Wode will be an epic fantasy adventure about these four friends, and their quest for a second chance against fate. Hunted by the raiders who burned their village, and the valkyrie warriors of Odin himself, the teenagers will have to trek across a mysterious country to find the Baba Yaga; a legendary witch who might grant them a wish, for a price. Along the way, they’ll encounter a horde of Norse mythical characters, and find themselves constantly embroiled in the troubles of each town they visit. Troubles which Rona’s wings, Garreth’s ghost, Keki’s cunning, and Christian’s plucky attitude usually have a way of solving.

valkyrie wild

About Sarah Miller: It has been said that one of Sarah Miller’s tattoos is worth a thousand words. A thousand words it was along with a spunky attitude and the illustrious sidelines that earned her both supporters and haters all over the globe. Miller, star and runner up champion of SPIKE Television’s Ink Master season 2. Before tattooing took over her life in 2009, her background included a thriving career in graphic design and illustration and a passion for classical, fantasy, anime and comic art. Sarah considers herself to be very competitive and has been traveling around the world tattooing since the show, Ink Master ended. She says what she enjoys more than anything is illustrating through her tattoo work, expanding the medium and pushing the boundaries of what is considered tattoo art. Sarah’s essence is truly captured in the colorful details she so eloquently delivers to the living canvas that has become her everyday life.

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