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Krel Komix is exhibiting at the New York Comic Con Oct. 9 – 12 with an exclusive SHOW SPECIAL, Argent Starr — Tales From The Archives Vol. 1 Pre-Release & appearances by creators Altemus & Byrd.

This year Argent Starr creators Altemus and Lyn T. Byrd will be at our corner booth (#1245) in the Small Press area for interviews, to sign books, and chat with Comic Con attendees.

NYCC Show Special
Visitors to our booth can get a signed pre-release copy of Volume 1 of the graphic novel AND their choice of an Argent Starr poster for only $12.99 (regularly $13.99). This beautifully printed 104 page all-color collector’s volume includes all the action from chapters 1-3, along with pin-ups and background info on the universe, characters, locations and Argent’s magical tech.

As of Oct. 12, Vol. 1 will be released on Comixology — digital download for $4.99 and on — print-on-demand copies for $13.99.

We’ll be offering 7 different dynamic poster designs featuring characters from the series, exclusive sets of collectable Argent Starr trading cards, buttons, dice, matchbooks and a limited quantity of single issues 1-3 for those who want to sample our universe or complete their collection. Visitors can join our email list for a chance to win an Argent Starr T-shirt and receive updates.

We will also be premiering an exciting animated trailer at the con, featuring the newly composed, kick-ass Argent theme by Reverend Screaming Fingers and company (headphones provided).

About ARGENT STARR — Tales From the Archives
By Altemus & Lyn T. Byrd


The year: 2062. “They” have a plan for Earth and they’re NOT going to ask if we like it or not. Is the fate of the planet really in the hands of a half-alien hero scientist, a female sniper, and a talking cat?

Only one man on Earth, technopath Argent Starr, the half human son of an alien warrior-scientist, can deflect the coming threat. His team; the ravishing badass commando Mrs. Thorne, and a trouble-making, brain-enhanced talking cat. The trio are swept into an adventure pitting shape-shifters, alien gamblers, interstellar mobsters and a mysterious galaxy-controlling sect, against Argent’s hyper-tech powers of magic and super science.

Argent Starr is adult entertainment combining hard science, soft sex and satire, for the geeky and not-so-geeky masses; a mix of action-adventure with elements of fantasy and comedy, featuring sabotage, assassins, sex, drugs, high-stake casinos, and espionage. Fans of properties such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Farscape, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, Fifth Element and Men In Black will enjoy this work.

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About the creators
Altemus, a life-long comics and sci-fi fan, is a New York based illustrator-designer, who’s art directed national magazines such as Penthouse and US. He was also the Creative Director behind many official souvenir magazines for films such as; Back To The Future, the first three Batman films, Blade Runner, Goonies, Gremlins, Jurassic Park, Mad Max, Star Wars, and The X-Files TV show. He was a partner and COO of the late ’90′s Silicon Alley internet development corporation, Interocity, and created the highly popular Altemus Collection of dingbat fonts sold world-wide.

Lyn T. Byrd a native Manhattanite and alumnus of New York City’s High School of Art & Design, was singer and keyboardist for one of the ’80s first wave of synth-pop bands, Comateens. The band was also among the first in the industry to record solely with a drum machine, joining the ranks of the burgeoning electropop avant garde along with bands such as The Normal, Suicide, and Kraftwerk. She is also a writer, artist, designer, singer, and songwriter, with over fifteen years experience in designing for print and the internet.

About Krel Komix
An independent publisher currently developing a number of properties created by Altemus and Byrd.

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