We love it when Spoilerites contribute to the site! Major Spoilers Super Fan and VIP Member, Nate Olson (@TheGreatNateO) went to the 2014 PalmCon in Florida last weekend, and shares a slew of cosplay photos!

On September 27th and 28th PalmCon 2014 (www.palmcon.net) took place, which was held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center (WPB, Florida).  This was the 4th year for the event and by far the biggest and best one yet.  This convention is a staple for family friendly entertainment and fun. My kids and I had a blast and cannot wait till next year!

PalmCon had everything you would want in a convention, an open gaming area, ton of toys, comics, crafts to buy, and lot and lots of Co-players.  As well as Independent comic creators and publishers, there were also legends of TV, Movies, and Comics – Jose Delbo, Ike Eisenmann, Jeff Dekal, Ralph Cabrera, and Carlos Castellanos.  Even The 501st, 1701st Fleet, The Tardis and Batmobile where there.

I also able to get great pictures of some of the creators – Allen Bellman – Golden Age Artist for Marvel, Mike Wagganer (Writer/Artist ) of “Deep Space Tragedy” by Cosmic Times, Bohdan Neswiacheny (Writer), Jeremy Katanic (Artist) of “Blackbird” by Resistance Entertainment, Mervyn McKoy (Artist/Creator) of “Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew” by Cosmic Times and “The C-Listers” by Paperlab Press, and finally Erica J. Heflin (Writer) and Amanda Rachels (Artist) of “Flesh of White” by Inverse Press.

All in all I would call PalmCon 2014 an outstanding success and a great event for all to enjoy!

For those wondering, Nate is wearing the Critical Hit logo T-Shirt and the Kablamakus! T-Shirt, both can be purchased from Slash Loot.

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If you are attending a convention and want to share your photos or file a report, just drop us a note! We would love to share your experiences with other fans from around the world.


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    • TheGreatNateO on

      Heck Ya, Jack Frost and the light up armor Spidey, Cap and Hulk were my favorites. There where so much more I missed too.

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