Times are tough and comics can be expensive! We here at Major Spoilers understand that and we know that sometimes it’s tough not to get lost in a sea of comics, know what to buy and sometimes you only get one. We want to help.

This month we asked our contributors “What one collected edition would you recommend readers pick up?” Just one. The best of October. Maybe something a little scary. This is what we all had to say:


Batman: Death of the Family Book and Joker Mask Set
Scott Snyder
Artist: Greg Capullo
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $39.95
In Stores: September 30th, 2014
“I can’t wait to get it!” – Wayne


JASON’S PICK:green-arrow-vol-5-the-outsiders-war-tp
Green Arrow Vol. 5: The Outsiders War TPB
Jeff Lemire
Artist: Andrew Sorrentino
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $16.99
In Stores: October 8th, 2014
“This is one of the few series that I snatch up regularly in tpb form. Jeff Lemire has been giving us the perfect mix of classic Ollie, TV show Ollie, and something new. Plus, Arrow Season 3 just premiered! It’s the perfect reading companion for October!” – Jason


ASHLEY’S PICK:gotham city
Gotham City Sirens Vol. 1
Paul Dini
Artist: Guillem March
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $24.99
In Stores: October 22nd, 2014
“Just in time for Hallowe’en we get a re-release of the best Batman villainesses team up book! This series is fun, beautiful and full of bad behaviour. Paul Dini writes Catwoman, Harley Quinn (his own creation), and Poison Ivy trying to work together so well and Guillem March makes them look good doing it.” – Ashley


Miracleman Vol. 2: The Red King Syndrome HC (Premiere Edition)
Alan Moore and Cat Yronwode
Artists: Alan Davis, John Ridgway, Chuck Austen and Rick Veitch
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $34.99
In Stores: October 28th, 2014
“I’m a little bit puzzled by the seeming lack of response to Marvel finally returning Miracleman to print over the last year or so, as the book was a game-changer that set the stage for Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns and pretty much, everything in modern comics.  This arc is the one that truly transformed Miracleman from a revamping of a knockoff of Captain Marvel into truly post-modern storytelling, and I highly recommend it, even 30 years down the line…” – Matthew


GEORGE’S PICK: 9781632151124_p0_v1_s260x420
Nailbiter Vol. 1: There Will Be Blood
Joshua Williamson
Artist: Mike Henderson
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: $9.99
In Stores: October 1st, 2014
“Nailbiter is a skin-crawling story of serial killers in the Pacific Northwest, told in a cinematic fashion by Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson. This trade collects the first five issues for less than you’d pay for each issue separately, so it’s plain good value. There will be blood and having read all these issues, I can also promise plenty of bitten nails. It’s, uh, kinda gross.” – George


CHRIS’ PICK:howard
Howard the Duck Omnibus
Steve Gerber
Artists: Val Mayerik, Gene Colan, Frank Brunner, John Buscema and Carmine Infantino
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $99.99
In Stores: October 29th, 2014
“Howard The Duck Omnibus: No I’m not choosing this because of his horrible movie, or his quick cameo in a much better movie. I’m choosing this because I know nothing about the character or why people
would want him in a movie to begin with. What better way to learn than a giant book that could be used to bludgeon.”


Creepy Archives Vol. 20
Artists: Various
Publisher: Dark Horse
Price: $49.99
In Stores: October 8th, 2014
“Dark Horse Comics has been collecting this horror series for a couple of years now, and if you like ghastly goodness and tales of terror from you ol’ Unlce Creepy and Cousin Eerie, then this trade is for you!  featuring art and stories by some of the best creators in the business (Frank Franzetta, Carmine Infantino, Bernie Wrightson, just to name a few) this collection of scary stories is something you don’t want to read before bedtime!” – Stephen


ZACH’S PICKMorning Glories
Morning Glories Deluxe Edition Vol. 3
Nick Spencer
Artist: Joe Eisma
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: $49.99
In Stores: October 15th, 2014
Are you a fan of Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma’s amazing series Morning Glories, but, like me, have fallen incredibly far behind? Get ready to get your confusing comics on because this deluxe edition covers three arcs of the series and will nearly have you completely caught up on the happenings at the Academy. And, since it is a deluxe edition, you can bet that it will be loaded with bonus material that you would not have been able to see in the monthly issues! Sounds like a perfect treat yo self purchase to me.” – Zach


STEPHEN’S BONUS PICK: (because he’s the boss, after all)halloween
The Long Halloween
Jeph Loeb
Artist: Tim Sale
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $16.85
In Stores: Right now!
“If you haven’t read Batman: The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, you are missing out on a murder mystery that spans an entire year. Thirteen issues and a whodunit that includes every villain and good guy in the Batman universe, this is a real page turner and worth plunking your money down so you can get the chills reading this series.” – Stephen


Which collected edition are you looking forward to getting your hands on this month? If you need a little help you can find a list of all the collected editions being published October, 2014 right here.


About Author

Ashley Victoria Robinson is a Canadian girl by day and Robin by night. She lives in Los Angeles now and stars as Ensign Williams in THE RED SHIRT DIARIES, co-hosts the GEEK HISTORY LESSON podcast and writes for Top Cow.


  1. Just placed an order (of course through the Amazon link…so a little bit goes back their way) for the Death of the Family…Thanks Wayne. This will be a gift.

    I never read Miracleman, as I was out of comics when it was originally printed, I am awaiting the digital Marvel sale.

    This list is interesting with the modern era books, which consist of a great writer and solid artist.

  2. The only things I’m looking forward to are the second Trade Paperback of Satellite Sam and Harry Palmer – Starstruck and I didn’t see either of those on the lists. Long Halloween is excellent by the way, so if I had to pick something from the list to recommend, it would be that one. I won’t be buying it, though, since I already own it.

  3. Just picked up my 3 trades for the month, so I don’t really have the resources to buy anything of these now, but I have some comics to look forward to next month!

  4. Ashley,
    Thank you so much for the link back to my site. I really appreciate it!
    I’ll pick Gotham City Sirens Book One. The new trade collects issues #1-13, but I find it strange that this volume is leaving out Catwoman #83, when Volume 2 of the regular trade paperback collected it.

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