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  1. This weeks was a bit better than last weeks. The story is still focusing on too many characters, but I guess thats just how its gonna be for the first few weeks. There were some jokes I actually chuckled at and some neat interactions between Gordon and Bruce, Gordon and Bullock. Selina’s character just seems odd. I don’t really know too much about Catwoman but does she act completely like a cat? She likes milk and is attracted to jiggling bells, and actually tries to go by the name of Cat? Sorry for rambling. Like I said it was better, but not great.

  2. Ashley Victoria Robinson on

    I was the very definition of unimpressed by the Gothm pilot, but I’m in for three episodes because I was told I was.

  3. #gothamyay
    The pilot had some pretty devastating flaws, but what pilot doesn’t?
    ( ok firefly was great)
    But it also had enough Yay moment for me to give it atleast 6 more episodes.

  4. Well I will vote YaY but will likely not be watching this until we get the release on DVD or Netflix or whatever as I did with Agents of Shield and Arrow this feels like it will need the full story and some time to get going. I will power through theses not so great starts once I know there is something worth it at the end.

    Also being busy its hard to watch every week and I don’t have DVR(how strange and backwards of me)

  5. I have issues with the pilot especially. I wish they had shown us more of Thomas and Martha Waynes influence in gotham, expanded on the relationship with Bruce a little. It would have shown how much influence they had and set up the show much better in my opinion. The second episode had less flaws and the two strong leads will keep me for a while longer, Gordon and Bullock are solid, although I’m not a fan of how Alfred and Bruce are portrayed. OK, Alfred showed some of the qualities I love in him in this second episode, but only shortly. I hope e they kill off fish mooney soon, she is a horrible character although I do like the actress. I give it a yay, because I see potential. I will give this a shot, just as I gave agents of S.H.I.E.L.D a shot. And that turned out well

  6. Isn’t it a bit soon for a veredict? I always give them at least 3 episodes. I gave Arrow like 7 episodes before I actually made decision, I gave Agents of SHIELD like 16 episodes!!! maybe out of pure geek loyalty to Marvel,but still… and even they didn’t dissapoint in the end.

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