Four movies and 10 quaz-grillion dollars into the Michael Bay movie era, it has become clear to me that “my” version of the Transformers has been wholly and completely supplanted by a whole new edition.  Sure, they may call that giant dinosaur “Grimlock”, but he’s something entirely new, and the days of Jack Angel, Chris Latta and Frank Welker shouting at one another over low-grade animation have ceased to be.  And that’s okay.  Heck, more than okay, that’s the secret of life itself: Sometimes, our favorite things move on without us.  Children my daughter’s age are in love with radio-scramblin’ Bumblebee; with a Roadblock played by Dwayne Johnson; with a Batman who is actually allowed to hit people.  The pop culture that I love isn’t gone forever, even as new audiences find new fave-raves, and in the Netflix era, I can always go and watch “B.O.T.” whenever I want.  (I’m joking: Nobody has ever WANTED to watch “B.O.T.”)  Fortunately for me, it’s also the kind of thing that leads us to today’s philosophical query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has been at this crossroads before and at least it’s better than a romantic breakup (but only just), asking: What former pop culture favorites no longer appeal to you, thanks to the ever-shifting winds of change?


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  1. I’m gonna sound like an old crank, but Doctor Who. Making the companions less friend/protege figures and more perpetual love interest teases who all apparently come from the same modelling agency made the series feel dumbed down. “Oh, we need chicks to watch – quick, let’s shove some romance in here!” I doubt that’s the actual creative impulse (it seems like both New Who show-runners cannot fathom a non-sexual/non-romantic hero of any kind, to the point they’re kind of nasty about it, especially Moffat), but that among the addition of many other avoided cliches killed my interest in the Doctor Who series. I don’t want to hate it, but since the original series that I liked has been shunted to the vault since the new show’s debut, I can’t help but resent it.

    • I still find enough to enjoy in new Who but I have to agree about the carousel of interchangeable companions, about time to try something new.

    • Now that we FINALLY have an older Doctor again, I hope the romance stuff gets put on the backburner, at least where the Doctor is involved. I don’t mind if the companions have a love interest, but I prefer The Doctor to be oblivious to that sort of thing most of the time unless he’s flirting with the TARDIS or some unusual being/thing.

  2. “they may call that giant dinosaur “Grimlock”, but he’s something entirely new”

    I still prefer it to the vehicles they tried to call Grimlock a while back that were pretty much nothing but a desperate attempt to slap familiar names on otherwise unconnected characters. But anyway, back to the question.

    I used to love “The Crow”. The comics, the first movie, even the TV series with Mark Dacascos as Eric Draven that was a cheap TV remake and retcon of the first film before branching out a little. I didn’t much care for the first sequel movie, though I did like the soundtrack. But then came several more lackluster sequels, each worse than the previous, and by the time the last one came out I was pretty much done with the franchise.

  3. I’ve wanted to watch B.O.T. But I’ll watch anything Transformers anytime. I’m not as huge a Star Wars fan as I once was. It all feels very “played out” to me.

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