We’ve already seen the completely black burger from Burger King, now a Hong Kong McDonalds is rolling out a series of meals based on the Justice League. Naturally, the first burger out of the gate (and into your maw) is Batman Diner Double Beef burger.


Take a gander at this burger!  Two slabs of “meat”, cheese, some kind of white and brown stuff on top, an egg (presumably from an Egg McMuffin) and some kind of “sauce” on the bottom.  If this sesame seed meal doesn’t scare the crap out of you… just wait 30 minutes… Topping off the meal is a side of Squeezy Cheesy Fries and a Sparkling Green Apple Tea.


Let’s just ponder that for a moment.


No word on calorie count, but I’m gonna bet that if you are dying to get one of these things, you don’t care too much about calories.



I wonder what Batman’s reaction would be to this commercialism of his image?



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  1. I was kinda hoping it would be more like the special Batman burger they released back during one of the Schumacher Bat-films (I think it was “Batman Forever”?), which had three patties (in some areas, such as where I lived, they used a different kind of burger patty than what goes on a normal McD hamburger/cheeseburger) and the toppings on a longer bun (closer to the McRib bun). It was pretty good, and I was sad to see it go since I only had it a few times (between health issues and funds, I’m not much of a fast food person).

    • It does, for the most part. I’m just curious what the sauces are. The top one looks like it might be BBQ sauce, but I cannot tell what the one on the bottom is. Eggs on burgers is nothing new to me, though, since my brother and I used to do that as kids when we wanted sausage and egg biscuits but didn’t have sausage or biscuits at home.

      The fries don’t sound that good to me, but that is only because I don’t really like McDonalds fries (used to a LONG time ago before they changed to “healthier” grease/oil/whatever) and there are plenty of other places with much better cheese fries.

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