This Justice League Dark fan film gives fans a peek at what Guillermo del Toro’s possible project could be like. Pay special attention to Deadman (Bryan Jewell) – he’s the best part of the whole thing! This Justice League Dark fan film has a lot of good ideas in it’s 11 minutes and definitely the special effects knowledge to pull off this kind of story.

Justice League Dark fan film by: One Riot One Ranger Productions
Directed by: Kevin Housand and Charles Winston Propst
Starring: Andrew Love, Emily Neves and Bryan Jewell
Written by: Charles Propst

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Justice League Dark features John Constantine leading Zatanna through a city with the promise of rescuing her father from Hell. They meet a disguised Deadman along the way. The three are forced to work together and fight a dark force made flesh in order fulfill Constantine’s promise to Zatanna. Look out for a nod to another familiar Justice League Dark character in the final seconds of this film.



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