Earlier in the week, Zach Woolf (whom your humble MS-QOTD enjoys calling Z-Dubb, in the manner of a Kansas rap star) revealed the secrets behind leaked LEGO plans for the next year, plans which did not, sadly, include LEGO American Gladiators.  Though there are some interesting sets on the way, there are still many properties that still aren’t on the slate.  F’rinstance, I still don’t have my LEGO Serenity playset, or my Vampirella figure or even my LEGO WKRP playset with special Johnny Fever minifig.  There are any number of untapped markets in the worlds of LEGO (all caps are apparently important), which leads us to today’s brick-assembled query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) needs, really NEEDS a LEGO Legion of Super-Heroes set with upside-down rocket ship playset, because reasons, asking; What pop culture property would make for your LEGO dream set?


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  1. In existing or previous sets:
    I’d really love a nice big “Lantern Battle” set. More than the GL vs Sinestro set, I mean a whole set with several different color corps represented (not all, but at least 4, and maybe a couple of Manhunters to shake things up) complete with a scene/backdrop of some kind. Maybe an alien world or a space station with little extras like alien hostages for the bad guys or plants/equipment that could be moved around as if knocked over or grabbed by a light construct in the battle. They could even reuse the molds of some of the non-standard heads of other sets for some of the aliens or extra corps members.

    Similarly, I’d be quite happy if they perhaps released a few smaller sets like the GL vs Sinestro set to finish out the rest of the Lantern rainbow, maybe even slightly smaller like those $7 – $10 mini-sets that come with a figure or two and a small background or vehicle.

    In Star Wars LEGO, I’d love to see a playset that is like one of the cantinas/clubs one might find on Coruscant (like where Kenobi and Skywalker chased the changeling in Episode II or like some seen in Clone Wars). There is a Mos Eisley Cantina playset, so making one of these could be done pretty simply (maybe even almost the same construction with different colored bricks and a few extra accessories), just add in some minor characters and random aliens that are just a “generic” member of a species or that might not have gotten the LEGO treatment yet.

    LEGO Doctor Who sets in general, ranging from the first Doctor to the current and then some. There could even be special “black and white” figures of the first two doctors and the TARDIS. Shame they didn’t have this already last year or we might have a set that imitates the final scene of “Day of The Doctor” with all of his incarnations at that time standing together outside the TARDIS.

    And yes, I do know there is a LEGO Ideas thingie for LEGO Doctor Who. Doesn’t change the fact I want it badly.

    I’d also like to see a LEGO set of The Monkees, with a stage and instruments background and bonus “Monkee Men” bodies.

    And I REALLY wish there were LEGO D&D sets. Not only would it mean more fantasy LEGOs and representations of more fantasy creatures, but the minifigs could be used by those that use minis in their games.

  2. They have already done one, its Star Wars in general. I think it fits really well to Lego formula with tons of memorable ships, vehicles and creatures. I wish we would get more buildings and exotic aliens. If Im to pick one, then its X-Wing fighter, piloted by Luke or Wedge.

  3. Legion of Super-heroes Clubhouse, much like the showcased Xavier school, it really just builds itself. Above all else it must come with a Mega-BLOK.

  4. I don’t necessarily think that it needs to have its own set, but I would love to see all the Pokemon in lego form. If it comes in a set, then that would be neat though.

  5. I really like the line of mini Star Wars vehicles they have at the moment I’d love to see that expanded to other lines. A dinky little batmobil or Avengers quinjet would be great.

  6. I really want to see a legend of Zelda sets based around the different dungeons and temples with Link’s tool he gains in that dungeon and the bigger ones could be based around the dungeon’s boss room complete with the boss. You could release blind bags based around different characters and monsters from the series as well.

  7. There is already a castle theme, but a series of minifigs from Game a Thrones would be pretty cool. Another line that will never be done but would be sweet is horror characters like Michael Myers and Jason.

    • I wouldn’t say “never”, just “not anytime soon”. They’ve done minifigs based on classic movie monsters, so I wouldn’t be surprised if someday those are the new “classics”.

      But I really wish they would make a line aimed at adults with stuff like this and the “Shaun of the Dead” set they shot down a while back for not being kid friendly.

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